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Traffic & Conversion Summit is happening in 34 days
Something I’ve never shared publicly (and it’s free!)
As a merchant, you know how important Q4 is … Especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But relying too much on the holiday season is a dangerous wave to ride. You see, BFCM is such a big deal because we’ve let it become one. It’s not your products or your marketing that generates this extra demand … The entire market is trained to go hard for 4 days and buy everything that seems like a good deal. But that’s like playing an eCom video game with cheat codes on. And as someone who has worked in the space for over a decade … I can tell you that most successful Shopify stores don’t let market demand dictate their own success. They don’t spend their entire year banking on riding the wave of one holiday season. Successful stores know how to generate demand independent of what’s happening in the market to create multiple sales spikes, and not just during BFCM. Because if you let the market dictate how much demand you can generate, you’re always a sitting duck, ready to be pushed around … Which makes it impossible to grow predictably and escape the monthly revenue rollercoaster. That’s why we decided to do something really exciting: We will host our next free Shopify Meetup as a virtual event on December 5th, 1 PM MST / 3 PM ET … Where I’ll share something I’ve never shared with anyone outside my team. It’s what I call the Compounding Promo Phenomenon … And next Tuesday, I’ll show you how to use it to predictably generate demand to fast-track your sales growth … Without being dependent on the eCom gods to swing the pendulum in your favor.
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Exciting news...😎 exclusive MM discount code for Retail Fest in San Diego! 🏄‍♂️
We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with Retail Fest USA this year! So, what is Retail Fest USA?🤔 Originating in New Zealand, this prestigious retail conference is making its American debut, and we’re on board for this exciting expansion! Scott has been selected to speak at the event, rubbing shoulders with industry giants like Neil Patel, Jen Gottlieb, and Billy Gene. Envision a hybrid of a marketing conference and a music festival – that’s the unique vibe of #RetailFestUSA. ✨ Mark your calendars for January 24-26th, because that's when we'll be in sunny San Diego for the first-ever Retail Fest in the US. 🌞 But wait, there's more! We chatted with the Retail Fest crew and they sweetened the deal exclusively for our Merchant Mastery family... For a short period, grab your pass for just $495 by using the code “MERCHANTFIRE123” at checkout: Make sure to claim your discounted spot quickly!
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Hello! Welcome to our Merchant Mastery Skool community. The goal of this Skool is to help Shopify Store Owners scale their online stores with proven strategies. Start by checking out these links - Classroom - Replay Vault - Work with Merchant Mastery To kick things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Your Name 2. Your business and who you sell to 3. What you are currently focused on for your store! See you in the community!
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Share Your 2023 Wins!
As 2023 is coming to a close, i find it important to reflect on the year and the things I'm grateful for. I want to know, what are your wins this year with your business? What challenges did you overcome? When did you feel like giving up but didn't? What major breakthroughs did you have? Lets share our wins together in the comments!👇
Manually Suppressing Profiles
@Kim Reirson I'm creating a segment to manually suppress profiles. Is the second part of the definition correct? I don't see the "if someone is or is not suppressed" filer. Thanks a bunch!
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