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What are you doing on January 15th?
We're hosting a free, in-person Shopify Meetup at StarBase Las Vegas, starting at 6:00 PM PST, and we'd love for you to join us. The theme? Beyond Black Friday: Creating Your Own Demand in the Off-Seasons Feeling that post-Black Friday stress? Starting to worry about how your store is going to make it through yet another off-season? At Merchant Mastery, we understand that building a successful Shopify store isn't just about capitalizing on big market-driven events like Black Friday. While those sales spikes are fantastic, they're just simply not enough to sustain your business throughout the year. That's why at the Shopify Meetup, I’ll teach you our proven strategy that goes beyond the typical e-commerce cycle. Our approach focuses on consistent growth, no matter the season. By implementing these strategies, you can expect to see steady growth throughout the year, ensuring a healthy cash flow and profit margins. But we don't stop there. I'll also teach you how to create your own demand during the off-seasons with quarterly promotional events. These events will not only boost your revenue but also prepare you for the big moments like Black Friday, where you can maximize your profits. Sounds great, right? If I can promise you one thing, it’s that if you decide to join us on January 15th, you will walk away with actionable strategies that will completely transform your business in 2024, no matter which stage you’re currently at. So don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from the best in the business and take your Shopify store to the next level. What do you say we start off Q1 strong? To secure your spot, click the link below today! Event Details: 📅 Date: January 15th 🕕 Time: Doors open at 6:00 PM PST 🏢 Location: StarBase Las Vegas 📍 Address: 3905 W Diablo Dr. 🎟 Ticket: Get your free ticket here
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Fun Game Time - Follow Thread + Discount Codes
Hey everyone! Thanks to @Clare Duggan and @Dee Williams for the suggestion -- they want to do a post where you can share your socials (so we can all follow each other -- Pinterest in particular 😍) And while you're at it, if you have a discount code for everyone in the Free Merchant Mastery community (can you say EARLY XMAS SHOPPING?!? 🥳) Please feel free to share that too! So, suggested format (just copy this bit) ⬇️ ⬇️ Tell use what you sell (and why you're different than other shops like yours!) Website - [ ] Social 1 - [ link ] Social 2 - [ link ] Discount Code - [ code ]
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For the US business owners.
I am not sure if this was talked before but there is a form needs to be filled by US business owners. It is called Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting. You can read on at
I'm kind of remembering that there was talk during the BFCM course of a free calendar for help with Klaviyo emails throughout the year. I haven't been here since I started our BFCM work and I'm wondering if someone can help me find this calendar? Or is my memory off? 🙄
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@Dawson Wallace I know I'm not the best at navigating all these programs, but I'm remembering that the links for all the upcoming Zoom sessions for each day were listed in the calendar tab., however, they seem to be gone now. Where did they move to? Also, I seem to have two "accounts" in Skool. Could you somehow combine them so it's less confusing for me? Thanks, Jolene
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