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I don’t know if you heard the news already…
But last week, I announced a free workshop on my go-to strategy for running demand-driving product launches to generate more sales without dipping into your profit margins. And I might be sticking out my neck here… But I’m pretty sure that launching a product to drive more sales has crossed your mind at some point. You may have even gone a step further and done a little digging into what type of product would make the most sense for you. But no matter how much research you did… It wasn’t enough to silence the little voice in the back of your head that keeps asking… "What if there aren’t enough people out there who are interested in this?" Because if we’re being honest… What’s worse than devaluing your brand by putting your products on sale all the time… Is launching a product nobody is interested in… Which FORCES you to put it on sale just to bring your cashflow back to the level it used to be. So if that sounds familiar… I wouldn’t just suggest joining our free workshop this Thursday – I would almost prescribe it! Because next week, I’ll give away our proven methodology to create product launches that not only drive a massive sales spike for your store… If you follow it to the T, you might even sell out during your pre-launch phase. Grab your free ticket here
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@Elizabeth Perkins Hi! Yes, the recording is under "Classroom" here in Skool!
And with that, the Black Friday Bootcamp has come to an end! 🎉
Catch the final BFCM Coaching Session replay now available! Whether you couldn't make it for the live experience or simply want to look back at it, we've got your back. Tap into the thrill once more by clicking HERE! 🎥 You can find the recording of all the BFCM Bootcamp sessions here. Here's to an epic holiday season for you all! Can't wait to read about your wins, so don't forget to share them here on Skool! ✨
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Exciting news...😎 exclusive MM discount code for Retail Fest in San Diego! 🏄‍♂️
We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with Retail Fest USA this year! So, what is Retail Fest USA?🤔 Originating in New Zealand, this prestigious retail conference is making its American debut, and we’re on board for this exciting expansion! Scott has been selected to speak at the event, rubbing shoulders with industry giants like Neil Patel, Jen Gottlieb, and Billy Gene. Envision a hybrid of a marketing conference and a music festival – that’s the unique vibe of #RetailFestUSA. ✨ Mark your calendars for January 24-26th, because that's when we'll be in sunny San Diego for the first-ever Retail Fest in the US. 🌞 But wait, there's more! We chatted with the Retail Fest crew and they sweetened the deal exclusively for our Merchant Mastery family... For a short period, grab your pass for just $495 by using the code “MERCHANTFIRE123” at checkout: Make sure to claim your discounted spot quickly!
What are your BFCM goals? 🚀
It's that exciting time of the year again! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner! We know you've been working hard, attending the BFCM bootcamp😉 (if you haven't yet, just send me a message), and gearing up for this incredible shopping extravaganza. We want to hear from YOU! What are your BFCM goals? 🚀 Are you looking to break previous sales records? Expand your customer base? Launch a new product? Share your aspirations with the community and inspire others! Drop your goals in the comments below 👇 and let's support each other in making this BFCM season the most remarkable one yet! ✨
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Fortune favours the prepared, re-watch the BFCM webinar here!
Happy Friday everyone! We hope you're still riding the waves of inspiration and excitement from our recent webinar! Some awesome news- the BFCM webinar recording you've been waiting for is ready for you to dive into! You can access it through the Classroom tab. 🎥 Relive the energy, insights, and transformative strategies that Scott shared during this session! Just a friendly nudge, you have to book your call before Saturday to claim your $500 discount on the Black Friday Bootcamp! You can book your call here. 📞 Remember, when it comes to Black Friday, fortune favours the prepared. So, don't wait – start preparing, strategizing, and executing your game plan right now! 🚀
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@Lorena Cicciari Hi! I replied to your DM :)
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