My husband Ted and I own Unruh Meats. We ship beef boxes within Manitoba. Our beef is naturally raised. I am also a busy mom to Benjamin.
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I love dogs and opals!
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city skate project
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Dallas, Texas
UK-based social historian, author, lecturer and entrepreneur
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Falcon Park
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I'm a Digital Marketing Project Manager who loves to read📚, watch crime shows🕵🏼, and hang out with my dog🐶.
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Chico, California
Content Marketing Specialist @ Merchant Mastery 🚀🌟
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Edmonton, AB
Digital marketer at Yukon Glory, a brand with a vision to reimagine outdoor grilling with cutting-edge products & solutions.
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I am a growth marketer for Interested in everything business & marketing related. I like to spend time with family when not doing work!
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Los Angeles, CA
I own Sweet Swinging a company that specializes in baby swings and more.
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Iowa USA
Going bananas over organic, clinically proven, & upcycled skincare
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Selina Yung from Clever Clippings
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Toronto, Canada
Media Buyer at Social Lite. Interested in helping merchants grow their store through implementing & optimizing scalable marketing strategies 📈
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Small business owner suffering from Tarantism
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Camarillo, CA
Sustainable home and personal care products for a healthier home and brighter future.
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I live, work, play & community organize w/my DugganSisters (makers of lifestinks deodorant.) I ❤️ languages, feeding people, reading & our 🐶🐈‍⬛
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Founder CEO of Seed2Stone.A DTC Lab-grown diamond jewelry brand; attainable prices, sustainably produced and styled for the modern consumer.
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Joined Sep 24, 2023 is a female owned & operated specialty fashion/accessories boutique. I bring my customers global, trendy, and timeless fashion.
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New York, NY
Marketing Manager at Fisch Racing Tech
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Office Manager and Controller
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Will come back
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Queen Bee at Sexy Llama Coffee Rosters, World Traveler, Dog Mamma, Student Skydiver, and always just one too many cups of coffee into my day!
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Founder of BIG BANG! Spices
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I make handmade jewelry that *links* us through tough times
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I'm a woman with a passion for living life to the fullest. I'm a strong believer in the power of positivity and self-love.
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United States
Machinist during the day and entrepreneur at night
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Surrey, BC, Canada
Creator of natural skincare range to solve my daughters sensitive skin problems.
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Sarong Hut Founder | eCommerce Sarongs
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Sydney, Australia
Selling premium yoga equipment that outperforms.
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