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๐ŸŒž M2 Mornings (Power Hour) is happening in 14 hours
Your "2 hour work day" blueprint for DGC!
BEFORE you can start your 2 hour work day you need to make sure you get your funnel set up! (Feel free to do this yourself or get it done for you!) And make sure you come to our M2 Mornings! We do co-working sessions together Monday through Friday. Check the calendar for the link! 1. 30 min - create 3 pieces of content to post (these can be videos, text posts or picture posts. Don't overthink it, you can create it on canva if you want) 2. 30 min - copy and paste ads. * MAKE A COPY - Here is a document with the links to the different places to post: (* To watch videos on how to copy and paste the ads go to your Kajabi portal and find the module with lessons in it called: How to Post Free Ads on The Internet) 3. 30 min - responding to the CTAs (Call to Action posts) - When someone asks for more information from your ads post or from your social media CTA posts you are responding and giving them your funnel link. 4. (optional) 30 min - go LIVE and share what you are doing! Get people excited! (If you don't want to go live, then spend another 30 min on copy and paste free ads, so you would do 1 hour total on Free ads.)
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Need help? DGC Funnel Set-up done for you!
**DGC Funnel Set up** Make sure to let them know Aly Porter sent you! We have a few options for you! They all charge roughly around $100 for your site to get completely done for you! It it's totally worth it! _______________ Juliet Alvarado She offers a FREE 15 min help session & if you need it. But she can also do it for you! She is awesome! _______________ Ellen Wilkins She gives you white glove service and there a few options to choose from! She is also amazing! She is here to get you all set up! ______________ Lauren Handy She is here to help you with any of your tech needs! If you are more of self- starter she can help you where you get stuck! She also can do it all for you! ______________
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DGC Funnel Set-Up Things to Watch Out For (for those in Daily Pay)
Hey guys, as you are setting up your sales funnel, there are a few things that weren't really covered in the videos in the DGC membership portal so we wanted to ensure you knew about them with this video, they include: - How to connect the domain you already added to - Error message when adding funnels - Issues with your video not playing (and the work around) - Error message when adding the email automation - Why there isn't a welcome email - Why your customers continue to get your email sequence Here are the links to the videos you can use instead of using the upload option: - Thank You Page Video: - Video Page Video: If you want to join us for the $900 program, simply pay $300 to upgrade here and it will take you to pay your $29 website fee after this: Also, if you want to pay someone to set up your funnel for only $100, feel free to book time with Juliet Alvarado who would be happy to do that for you: Just take it one step at a time, you got this!!
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New SHORT video for Daily Pay!
Send this video to your prospects with your funnel! So good!!!!
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IPS and DGC Links are here! (for those that are part of Daily Pay)
Hey guys, thanks so much for your patience, here's the video to learn about how you can get your sales funnel all set up now. :) First off, as you watch this video you will learn that if you choose to focus on building IPS (Infinity Processing Systems) products you will have to pay $400-$1500 for their sales funnel which is one reason why we are not focusing on IPS products anymore. DGC (Digital Growth Community) has everything that IPS has and so much more such as live classes, tech zooms, and an incredible support community in Skool. So you do not need to focus on IPS if you don't want to, just build on DGC. With that being said, if you choose to build on IPS, here are the links: IPS Links: - The video that explains what to do: - Our affiliate link (just click on the product you already bought): DGC Links: (click on the link that corresponds with how much you previously paid to join the program so you can pay your $29 website fee to get access to the new products and the steps to build your new sales funnel): - Message me for the links please Check out this page to learn about the new $900 program (but don't use these links, use the one above) - Once you pay your website fee above, you will get into our new program portal and you will want to go to the "highest" program and scroll down to "Automate Your Online Business For Time Freedom" Then watch and follow along with each video in that section. Remember if you have any questions, use the search bar in the DGC Skool community or put your questions in this chat.
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