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New DGC Resources just for you!!
Hello M2 Fam! In an effort to ensure we are always delivering what we promise we have created 2 new resources to add to your DGC emails. Your capture page promises a 6-figure blueprint and a Guide to 10K in 30 Days and now you have them! Please add them as links in your email sequence so you can deliver beautiful and valuable resources to your audience 🧡 Recording of how to add these resources to your email campaign: Guide to 10K in 30 Days 6-Figure Blueprint
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Thank you so much Shaina! Great work and video!
We made $1,200 yesterday!
Let's keep rocking it! I got the ding while I was making Banana bread! Oh yes... Keep the dings coming!
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Woo hoo!! Congratulations!!!
Did my first newsletter!
Went from It's all lies... to I bought the Jeans! It’s all lies!!! "I believe the Lord is all about abundance" -as I look up at the abundance of leaves on the tree and then notice the abundance of leaves on EVERY tree. "But, I also think God picks and chooses who he gives it to... and I don't think it's me." These are the thoughts that raced through my mind as I kept getting my hopes and dreams CRUSHED over and over again. Have you ever felt that way- That abundance was for everyone else but you? "Don't compare yourself to others"- but scrolling through social media is a VIVID reminder of the abundance and prosperity for others - and NOT YOU- staring you right in the face. When was the last time YOU took a vacation? When was the last time you even bought a pair of jeans without cringing and wondering, is this coming out of the kid's college fund, or our grocery budget? so you just walk away... I was there... just last week. I was at my lowest point, sobbing in my bed saying, "It's all lies- all my hopes and dreams are all a lie", when my friend Aly, voice messaged me. I hadn't talked to her in a week or so and she told me she had found something... We cried together because she has been through a lot of the same stuff. Only this time she found GOLD at the end of the storm. If you're curious how she made 10K her first week in business, click here.  I told her- "sign me up"! and I am sitting here with my own 1800 in my pocket Not only did I buy the jeans with no regret, I treated my friend to lunch, gave a tenth to the Lord, and saved for the down payment of my dream home! Y'all this is just the beginning! I want you to know... it's not all lies- you just have to find the right vehicle. Maybe you just need someone like me to give you the same hope that my friend gave me! Click here for hope! B🙏essings, Stephanie Bundrock Connect With Me OnInstagram Facebook or Tik ToK
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@Aly Porter Thanks Darlin!
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@Carmel Austin I’m it will be my first email after the series it gets sent out. Thank you so much 🥰
Your "2 hour work day" blueprint for DGC!
BEFORE you can start your 2 hour work day you need to make sure you get your funnel set up! (Feel free to do this yourself or get it done for you!) And make sure you come to our M2 Mornings! We do co-working sessions together Monday through Friday. Check the calendar for the link! 1. 30 min - create 3 pieces of content to post (these can be videos, text posts or picture posts. Don't overthink it, you can create it on canva if you want) 2. 30 min - copy and paste ads. * MAKE A COPY - Here is a document with the links to the different places to post: (* To watch videos on how to copy and paste the ads go to your Kajabi portal and find the module with lessons in it called: How to Post Free Ads on The Internet) 3. 30 min - responding to the CTAs (Call to Action posts) - When someone asks for more information from your ads post or from your social media CTA posts you are responding and giving them your funnel link. 4. (optional) 30 min - go LIVE and share what you are doing! Get people excited! (If you don't want to go live, then spend another 30 min on copy and paste free ads, so you would do 1 hour total on Free ads.)
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@Aly Porter thanks girl! ❤️
Missing funnels in If you download the wrong funnels from the wrong Kajabi Product
I'm going through the process of setting up and I realized that the list of funnels that populated when I dropped the link into is missing my top tier. How do I get all of them?
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I think I deleted the wrong funnel bc when I copy my link it says page not shown.
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I am wife and a mother of 5. My passion and business is helping to bring families to Christ through scripture heroes.

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