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πŸ€— START HERE! Welcome to the M2 Tribe!
Watch our intro video so you know all about this community! We are excited to have you here! Make sure to introduce yourself and head on over to the classroom and calendar to see all the amazing goodies we have inside for you! Please come to our M2 Mornings! We have it every single day Monday- Friday! Check the calendar for the link :) it's free! We are so excited to help you 10x your faith ✝️ and 10x your finances πŸ’΅ to gain time and money freedom -- while at the same time - Keeping GOD as your CEO in life and business! Aly & Elise ❀️
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πŸ€— START HERE!  Welcome to the M2 Tribe!
Websites to post Ads
I was asked to share the websites I'm posting on; -Post free ads on Free Advertising Site Top Classifieds - Submit free ads to tested free classified ad sites.
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Need help with e-book next step
Hello! Over a year ago before i joined any of this, (GPA/Daily Pay) I made this e-book guide/journal thing. Not even sure what to title it, lol. Over the past few months, I have made some adjustments to it based on things I learned through various avenues and bible study, feedback and such... I sent it out to quite a few people to review, a variety of people not just fellow people in the online space. Everyone loved it, 2 people said it was exactly what they had been looking for... got a few typo errors that I fixed and a call to action I put in. I feel like there's something there, business or ministry wise. Would you agree? but now I have to figure out that next step. I want to use it as both a direct sale where consumers can purchase it stand alone as a digital download OR use it as an incentive of some sort. Any thoughts? I appreciate all the feedback!
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Newbie on the block
Good Evening Everyone Yes, I am new trying to browse aound and figure things out. Passionate about helping my family and others
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