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Guidance for connecting to Holy Spirit
From birth until the age of 23 I was raised in a very strict religion. It required a great deal of prayer, I remember intuitively feeling as young as 6 that my prayers were not connecting to the higher power I was constantly being told to pray to.
Now it's more than 2 decades later. I have been doing a great deal of ACIM study. It is resonating with me unlike anything I have experienced. One area I am struggling with is communication to Holy Spirit as it brings back negative memories of my religious past.
What is the framework for the communication, is it done formally like a prayer, do you specifically refer to Holy Spirit or do you some people call it something else... Do you conclude formally like with an Amen? Or is it done more casually than with dogmatic religion?
Perhaps someone can provide an example.
I hope this query for explanation makes sense...
Corey J.
Guidance for connecting to Holy Spirit
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