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Dec '23 
FREE ACiM podcasts
Some of my favorite ACiM related podcasts. All free to listen. Listen or subscribe through whatever podcast medium you use - mine is Google Podcasts. - Miracle Voices (F.I.P official podcast) - Jennifer Hadley: ACiM archive "Walking the Talk" - Circle of Atonement with Robert and Emily Perry - A Course in Miracles Chanting with Ezra - A Course in Miracles with Keith - From Anxiety to Love with Corinne Zupko - Cate Grieves, A Course in Miracles - A Course in What?! with Cynthia Morgan - School for A Course in Miracles
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Amazing timing, I was literally searching for ACIM podcasts yesterday. I just started using audible and realized how much more flexible learning is for me with being able to just take my headphones anywhere I go, now I can add podcasts. Thanks Pamela! ☺️🙏
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@Claire Sewell Much appreciated
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Dec '23 
Lesson 340 I can be free of suffering today
1 Father, I thank You for today and for the freedom I am certain it will bring. This day is holy, for today Your Son will be redeemed. His suffering is done. For he will hear Your Voice directing him to find Christ's vision through forgiveness and be free forever from all suffering. Thanks for today, my Father. I was born into this world but to achieve this day and what it holds in joy and freedom for Your holy Son and for the world he made, which is released along with him today. 2 Be glad today! Be glad! There is no room for anything but joy and thanks today. Our Father has redeemed His Son this day! Not one of us but will be saved today. Not one who will remain in fear, and none the Father will not gather to Himself, awake in Heaven in the Heart of Love. ---------------- Suffering is optional because the choices made within the thinking mind can bring a greater calm to the body experience. There are many masters of meditation whom have proven this fact. While meditation is a control of one’s thoughts, breathing and emotional reactivity, meditation’s purpose and affect is to instill a strength of trust and calm beyond the physical or mental experience. Indeed this practice has been utilized for thousands of years and shall be utilized for thousands more. This practice re-centers the wandering mind and allows the thinking mind the strength to see differently. Consider this practice, once perfected in body-self-time purpose, to be like receiving the keys to the kingdom within you. To say you cannot suffer is to say the thought within the mind are a choice. It is to say that the conscious body self does not need to listen as thoughts of lunacy, physical or emotional unrest occur. It is to say that you can be a master of the wandering mind’s perceptions. Yes, all of these results are true which than can lead you to the True Source Who is Beyond All Thought. Here we Trust and rest in the Awareness that Love Joins in the Place that does not know of separate: Pure Stillness – Peace – Simple Beingness.
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Wow, this is amazing, needed to read this today, thanks Pamela 🙏
Nov '23 
What is your morning routine?
I am curious how you like to start your day in a way that brings peace and calm. I find ego likes to try and create anxiety after I wake up and I would like to start with more calm and positivity to kick-start my day before I leave for work on weekdays. Do you like to start with meditation, if so please share any of your favorites. Do you start with positive affirmations or mantras? What does your routine look like?
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Wow, that sounds amazing. I have goals of getting to that level one day. Such a wonderful way to use your time in retirement ☺️🙏.
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@Denise Sheedy I like the sound of your routine. I feel it is really important for me to get a positive mindset as early as possible as my ego likes to take the driver's seat right from when my eyes open. I have been giving myself time to do a short morning meditation and breath work. I think your suggestion of some "I am" affirmations and setting my intention will be very beneficial as well, I'm going to add it to my routine. Thank you ☺️🙏
Nov '23 
Early stage ego attack/resistance
I had a unsettling experience while doing study last evening. It was like a full on ego attack. I had these shooting thoughts that what I was learning was not real, that my new understandings were an illusion. That I was just tricking myself and that seperation was true reality. I started feeling strong doubt about everything I have grown to know in my studies. It felt like my connection to god was disconnected. It permeated into my dreams and I had a horrible sleep. I feel extremely unsettled this morning. Hoping someone can share some positivity and help me overcome this sadness and self doubt.
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@Tammy Klaproth Thank you Tammy, it feels like I get a strong connection for a period of time and then I can suddenly just have this attack of doubt that tries to take my peace away. I need to remind myself to be kind and patient, it's going to take a lot of effort to reverse a lifetime of conditioning ☺️🙏
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@Mayela Rojo Thank you Mayela, much love your way as well. I appreciate your comments, I know I have a long way to go but I do feel progress is being made. What a journey so far ☺️
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