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16d ago 
All that the Holy Spirit does FOR us 💕🕊️💕
Hello mighty companions! I posted this under my forgiveness video on Day 2 of the LTC event, and I thought I'd repost here in case it is helpful! Some time ago, I was inspired to search through ACIM for all of the references to what the Holy Spirit does FOR us. I was blown away at how many references there are that point to the many things the Holy Spirit does on our behalf. I posted this list on my website both as a blog post and as a downloadable PDF. I'll provide both links below. Here's a quick snapshot of what the Holy Spirit does FOR us: - Undoes error for us - Decides for God for us - Removes hallucinations (illusions) from our mind for us - Keeps error unreal for us - Knows our value for us - Remembers God’s will for us - Interprets for us - Accomplishes for us - Awoke for us - Remembers for us - Judges for us - Sees for us - Learns for us - Unlearns for us - Makes decisions for us... and so much more! I've found that reading through this list transports me into a state of feeling completely cared for by the Holy Spirit. We're truly asked to do so little! Here is the version on my blog: Here is the downloadable PDF version of the exact same post: I hope you love this list as much as I do! 💕 The Holy Spirit ROCKS!! 💕 And big thanks to @Elizabeth Geer for reminding me of this!
Lanaya Elliott
Dennis Goodrich
Claire Sewell
Corinne Zupko
Peggy Marchese
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This is amazing, thank you! You are a wealth of helpful information 🙏
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@Claire Sewell Much appreciated
9d ago 
What is your morning routine?
I am curious how you like to start your day in a way that brings peace and calm. I find ego likes to try and create anxiety after I wake up and I would like to start with more calm and positivity to kick-start my day before I leave for work on weekdays. Do you like to start with meditation, if so please share any of your favorites. Do you start with positive affirmations or mantras? What does your routine look like?
Pamela Mills
Dennis Goodrich
Denise Sheedy
Susan A
Kate Paone
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Wow, that sounds amazing. I have goals of getting to that level one day. Such a wonderful way to use your time in retirement ☺️🙏.
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@Denise Sheedy I like the sound of your routine. I feel it is really important for me to get a positive mindset as early as possible as my ego likes to take the driver's seat right from when my eyes open. I have been giving myself time to do a short morning meditation and breath work. I think your suggestion of some "I am" affirmations and setting my intention will be very beneficial as well, I'm going to add it to my routine. Thank you ☺️🙏
13d ago 
Early stage ego attack/resistance
I had a unsettling experience while doing study last evening. It was like a full on ego attack. I had these shooting thoughts that what I was learning was not real, that my new understandings were an illusion. That I was just tricking myself and that seperation was true reality. I started feeling strong doubt about everything I have grown to know in my studies. It felt like my connection to god was disconnected. It permeated into my dreams and I had a horrible sleep. I feel extremely unsettled this morning. Hoping someone can share some positivity and help me overcome this sadness and self doubt.
Staci Freed
Jessica Anderson
Brandi Jade
Daniyal Raza
Cheryl Czarnecki
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@Tammy Klaproth Thank you Tammy, it feels like I get a strong connection for a period of time and then I can suddenly just have this attack of doubt that tries to take my peace away. I need to remind myself to be kind and patient, it's going to take a lot of effort to reverse a lifetime of conditioning ☺️🙏
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@Mayela Rojo Thank you Mayela, much love your way as well. I appreciate your comments, I know I have a long way to go but I do feel progress is being made. What a journey so far ☺️
14d ago 
Guidance for connecting to Holy Spirit
From birth until the age of 23 I was raised in a very strict religion. It required a great deal of prayer, I remember intuitively feeling as young as 6 that my prayers were not connecting to the higher power I was constantly being told to pray to. Now it's more than 2 decades later. I have been doing a great deal of ACIM study. It is resonating with me unlike anything I have experienced. One area I am struggling with is communication to Holy Spirit as it brings back negative memories of my religious past. What is the framework for the communication, is it done formally like a prayer, do you specifically refer to Holy Spirit or do you some people call it something else... Do you conclude formally like with an Amen? Or is it done more casually than with dogmatic religion? Perhaps someone can provide an example. I hope this query for explanation makes sense...
Eileen K.
Naty Tancio
Jason Deardorff
Brandi Jade
Nela Bo
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@Nela Bo Merci beaucoup, c'est un conseil utile ☺️
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@Brandi Jade I have had a long time to process the guilt/fear religious paradigm I was raised with. I think I was very fortunate to come to a realization as young as 6 that the beliefs weren't real. From that day forward I really just went through the motions and didn't commit to the forced beliefs. I don't think it was a surprise to my parents that when I reached an age of independence I detached quite quickly. Of course it was heart breaking to lose my family but I didn't consider not leaving an option. I feel like ACIM has come into my life at a time of great transformation and willingness to see through the illusions of seperation ☺️
13d ago 
ACIM LESSON 325 with Aaron
Aaron talks about the way to finding peace of mind is to be in the Here & Now!
Riana Buitendag
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Isadora Karcher
Corey J.
Naty Tancio
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@Marianne Lysholt I changed my background to the same image you mentioned, every time I look at my phone I get this moment of peace and relaxation, it's wonderful ☺️
16d ago 
Which edition of ACIM book to purchase...
Hi there, wondering what edition of the ACIM book I should start with, the original text, the one that includes workbook and teachers guide, or is there an updated version I should be looking for. PS: I'm in Canada if anyone has a seller recommendation. Thank you.
Anita Lane
Juliet S
Monica D
Corey J.
Kris D
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@Kris D That's wild, I literally just looked at exact same at Indigo lol. So less than a week for shipping?
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@Tamara Corlis Thanks Tamara, it's the one I was leaning towards
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Wonderful explanation, thank you
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