Private group
256 members
$225 /month
Grow Your Business with Christian Values
Discover how to grow your business without compromising your Christian values. Leadeth integrates faith and professionalism, combining proven sales & marketing automation with support to help you succeed professionally and spiritually.
Training & Support
šŸ“š Access 100+ hours of training videos
šŸ“ž Enjoy a 60-minute 1:1 onboarding call with founder Alex Smith
šŸ” Get a LinkedIn personal profile audit
Automated Campaigns
šŸ¤– AI-generated connection campaigns with email follow-ups
šŸ”„ Reconnection campaigns to engage prospects
Time-Saving Solutions
ā³ Save over 30 hours/month with our LinkedIn automation software
Community & Values
šŸ¤ Network with 250+ members valuing integrity and fellowship
šŸ™ Join weekly prayer meetings for encouragement
Why Leadeth?
šŸ† Generate 10x more leads and close more deals with our LinkedIn outreach system
āœļø Combine professional excellence with spiritual integrity
šŸ”„ Continuous weekly support sessions
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Private group
Elevate LinkedIn lead generation with AI in our faith-driven community. Learn, network, and grow with digital marketing expertise and support.
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