What to do when DR works like a charm, but the sales team sucks 😂
It's been a long time, it feels like forever, to be honest!
We are currently running a DR for a pressure cleaning company and the following scenario is happening. Full disclosure DR has been paused until the client figures himself out :)
Offer: FLASH SALE: 50% OFF any service booked in July.
People are responding pretty well, the disconnection we are seeing is in the ability of the sales team to close these people.
My questions, for those of you who are already there:
1- Do you teach sales to your customers?
2- Is this a course-like format you sell, or more a one-time consult?
3- If you don't mind me asking, what does the price range for both could look like?
I know Robb did encounter this "problem" in the past and turned into an opportunity to teach sales to his clients. I am not quite sure what the model looked like. Is there any video I haven't watched yet?
Thank you!
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