The Other Side of Fear and Discomfort

I'm new to all of this but I happened upon some Gohighlevel YT videos and decided to go for it. I've been watching every video I can find, taking notes and such. There are so many affiliates with 30 day trials and their own unique offers to people just starting out. I felt like it was a big decision just choosing who to sign up under but I'm choosing Robb Bailey, who I also found on YT, because I like the DR campaign approach and I love the white label agency in the war chest.

As far as niches are concerned, I'm deciding between home remodeling, gyms, and med spas.

I'm super excited to get started but nervous as hell because I'm not a salesperson. This is totally out of my comfort zone. I'm a quiet person and just not a talker. I do believe in the software and helping people so that's what I'll focus on.

I saw a video where a guy was selling his agency via cold calls and I loved his approach so Im going to adopt it.

My goal is to obtain one client within the first 30 days via cold call.

I plan to start networking locally, especially within the meetups from my local business Facebook group. It's a chance to get comfortable asking questions and offering services.


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