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Say Hey to the Newbie!
I found GHL a few months ago but have been so confused about how to use the tools to start making money. I am SO grateful I found this group. All of the free resources have been SO helpful and I find myself motivated again like I was when I first learned of the software. I’m so ready to get started, I was up until like 6am just watching videos and taking three pages of notes. Look for my video in the wins tab coming soon ;-)
Deb Shipman
Java Hardge
Susan Bell
Suzanna Kiraly
Cyan Misencik
New comment 17d ago
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    @Kurt Lohmann I like the small portion option. I'm thinking that asking for a small $10 setup fee in order to get the card on file would be a good idea too.
  • 1 like • Oct 10
    @Java Hardge Do you have any updates?
Getting a Sale Implementation
Until we qualify for Level 5 and can find out how to collect payments, how are people collecting payments? Just a Stripe invoice? And, what about sales tax? Thanks
Susan Bell
New comment 27d ago
Welcome, You’re here to claim your bonuses. But why are we here, giving away bonuses? Our mission is to add you to our collection of success stories. You can see a couple hundred of them here. Here’s the good news: They all started out just like you, reading a welcome post from us, just like this. Here’s the bad news: You’re not getting the same step-by-step system they all got. Here’s the other good news: You’re getting today’s step-by-step system - which is the best version yet. Why? Because we are always learning and improving the entire system. Which means you’re starting with the best we have and, as it improves, you will automatically get those improvements. Cool? Cool. Here’s What To Do Next: 🌀 Step 1: Sign Up for GoHighLevel to get our Bonuses. There are three ways to unlock our bonuses: 1. Not a GHL user yet? You can start your first month using GHL as our affiliate referral here: If you're already using GHL as our referral, just DM me for access. 2. Already a GHL user? You can upgrade to the SaaS pro plan as our affiliate referral here: 3. Neither of the first two options work for you? Pay us directly for the fast track here: 🌀 Step 2: Once you sign up for GoHighLevel through one of the options above shoot us an email to: Subject line: Give My My Bonuses This will let us verify and then unlock your bonuses which include (but are not limited to): 🔥 Our Brand New AI Training 🔥 Exclusive Elite Skool Group Access 🔥 White Glove GoHighLevel Onboarding Call 🔥 Immediate Fast Track Access 🔥 Inbound Lead Nurturing Training 🔥 Database Reactivation Training 🔥 Our High Ticket CLIENT ACQUISITION system (CAS Funnel)
Dioney Luna
Michael Brown
Rg Enzon
Roger Bickley
Carl Sarfi
New comment 29d ago
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    I signed up for GHL and sent the email but still have no access to any bonuses. My email here is but my email for Gohighlevel is, if that makes a difference.
Chat Widgets
Has anyone else used the chat widget on a clients site yet? I have an existing client in the B2B space where we are trying to get them to sign up for a free 30 day trial of their product. Their site is currently getting approx. 6000 visits per month and I'm wondering what increases in conversion would be possible with the chat widget installed as a quick and easy win while I'm running paid traffic campaigns? Any thoughts here @Robb Bailey @Haplin Milgrom-Hills
Celia Steincamp
Ron Gibson
Shamel Jones
New comment Oct 26
  • 1 like • Oct 26
    How did this workout for you? I have a prospect with over 100k estimated visitors and no chat widget. I'm reaching out tomorrow.
A2P Updated Instructions
I had a recent submission fail (for a business I had already successfully registered in the past!) and was able to figure it out with GHL support and wanted to pass on the latest wisdom on how to ensure submissions are accepted!
Deb Shipman
Nathan Ducke
Brad Prader
William Avon
Abraham Prieto
New comment Oct 25
DR Results
Hey Just finished my first DR which I did for a yoga studio with a list of 2.5k people and here are the results: Opportunities: 239 Appt set: 65 Total Lifetime Value: $53,900 System went very smooth and I couldn't ask for more! Almost 10% positive reply rate is crazy! Note to myself and maybe others on how I could've improved the results - CALL UP THE LEADS DON'T BE LAZY! The 65 appts I got are PURELY from automated workflows and just me setting the appointment in the calendar! Use the system, it works.
Lakshan Geegana
Neil Shah
Luis Del Rosario
Dylan Kelley
Simon Mol
New comment Oct 23
  • 1 like • Sep 25
    @Neil Shah I would love your follow up system as well, please and thank you
SMS application
Hi guys, my A2P registration got rejected again. It's been a waiting game of over two weeks now. I followed the training video and I can't understand what I did wrong. Also, how much we can't integrate with Twilio anymore?
Luis Del Rosario
Kurt Lohmann
Carl Sarfi
Shamel Jones
New comment Oct 14
  • 3 likes • Oct 14
    Mine was approved. They asked for a website and I put down the domain for my funnel. I made sure to have the same opt-in verbiage on my opt-in page form wherever I asked for number and email as I wrote in the application. I also made sure that my terms and conditions and privacy policy links were working. They are not just approving your number but your campaign and my funnel is a part of my campaign. Hope this helps!
Hello all, I was recently familiarized with A2P and found it as another obstacle. Does anyone have ways to get around it or do you just delay the DR for new clients? Thanks 🙏
Juanita Brazziel
Samuel Powell
Ruheene Jaura
Shamel Jones
Carl Sarfi
New comment Oct 13
  • 1 like • Oct 12
    @Ruheene Jaura so you sign up your clients using the same verbiage from the snapshot?
The Other Side of Fear and Discomfort
I'm new to all of this but I happened upon some Gohighlevel YT videos and decided to go for it. I've been watching every video I can find, taking notes and such. There are so many affiliates with 30 day trials and their own unique offers to people just starting out. I felt like it was a big decision just choosing who to sign up under but I'm choosing Robb Bailey, who I also found on YT, because I like the DR campaign approach and I love the white label agency in the war chest. As far as niches are concerned, I'm deciding between home remodeling, gyms, and med spas. I'm super excited to get started but nervous as hell because I'm not a salesperson. This is totally out of my comfort zone. I'm a quiet person and just not a talker. I do believe in the software and helping people so that's what I'll focus on. I saw a video where a guy was selling his agency via cold calls and I loved his approach so Im going to adopt it. My goal is to obtain one client within the first 30 days via cold call. I plan to start networking locally, especially within the meetups from my local business Facebook group. It's a chance to get comfortable asking questions and offering services.
Oscar Deeaz
Mark Heisey
Shamel Jones
Celia Steincamp
Carl Sarfi
New comment Oct 12
  • 2 likes • Oct 5
    @Luis Del Rosario KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid. I have to be reminded of this often
  • 2 likes • Oct 11
    @Carl Sarfi Thank you so much
Niche Question
Anyone here in the beauty industry niche?
Karlene Hibbert
Craig Liddle
Kurt Lohmann
Sovanmony Khieng
Luis Del Rosario
New comment Oct 11
  • 2 likes • Sep 29
    @Sovanmony Khieng three great reasons to choose a niche in my opinion.
Not ready, but...
I just started DM'ing HVAC business owners on Facebook. I have very little idea of what I'd say if they respond but thought I'd jump into the deep end. Haven't finished the training yet either. I have so many reasons not to start and none to start except I'm just super excited to get going.
Suzanna Kiraly
Shamel Jones
Samir Shah
New comment Oct 10
  • 1 like • Oct 10
    @Suzanna Kiraly working on getting there. Can't wait to get into the resources.
Progress so far...
Not sure which category this should be in since I've already done an intro... I officially signed up for Gohighlevel yesterday. I picked a niche: HVAC. I've started to setup my software. I've also started prospecting. I also setup my LinkedIn and Facebook page. My business is called Pivotal Growth Solutions. What I like about HVAC is: 1. It's always needed whether for a hot summer or cold winter, residential or commercial. 2. high-ticket sales with installations and major repairs. 3. A higher customer LTV due to many of the customers staying on for years. I read one review that said the person had been a customer for 12 years! 4. I also noticed that some companies have thousands of reviews so I go for the ones with less than 50 that have been in business for 5+ years because they should have more reviews and a decent list for DR, and no website. I prefer them to already have a presence on Facebook for an upsell later. The one issue that I can think of is that these business owners may be so set in their ways that they don't want to do anything different because what they do works enough for them as is. My goal is to get 1-2 clients during the free 30 days to pay for the software. Is there anyone in this niche who has any pointers?
Carl Sarfi
Shamel Jones
Samir Shah
Henry David
New comment Oct 6
  • 2 likes • Oct 2
    @Carl Sarfi that's awesome. Thanks!
  • 2 likes • Oct 5
    @Henry David I'm still working on my irresistible offer, honestly.
Got Something Juicy For Yall 😁
Helps track goals numerically and tells you when to hit deadlines. Comment and like the post so i know who to give access to🔥
Carl Sarfi
Luis Del Rosario
Samir Shah
Shamel Jones
Daniel Rialday
New comment Oct 5
Hard lesson to learn
Hi everyone, I want to share a personal story that I hope will be useful, especially to those who are new to agency services and Saas. I started my current company a year and a half ago, and my first package was "agency support". Basically, I was the support and onboarding person for bigger GHL agencies. I did pretty well in the first year, but that model was not scalable, and I decided to shift to the Saas model. After a few clients for "just the software" I obviously realised the effort to close a 297 was the same for a 2970 so I decided to shift to the SWAS model. At the beginning of this year I closed my first client for this new package. Being the people pleaser I am, I accepted to charge WAY less than necessary. I closed him for 897, including software, DFY funnels and automations, lead generations, and campaigns. Yes, you can say this was wrong. But I told myself "this is the first, then I will raise with the next". Long story short, the next never came, and I ended up going back to agency support to pay the bills because this client's work affected me so much mentally and physically that I lost all the motivation and drive. He started with being enthusiast about my work, until he went broke (for reasons not related to me) and started complaining about results. He threatened to leave and asked for a downgrade option. I said sure, the downgrade is possible. Let me know what you decide. Results were clear and measured, so he said "Yes, it's just me, I have to be honest, I am going through financial issues, I love working with you, and I don't want to leave actually. Please design a 3 months plan to move forward". We never agreed on lowering the retainer. Today is the day I need to provide the 3-month plan. Last night, he was charged the usual amount. This morning, I woke up with an email saying "our retainer is now 600, as we discussed in the last call. Can you please refund the additional 300?" We never agreed on that, and our calls are all recorded. Plus I have everything written down.
Kurt Lohmann
Veronica Cinelli
Shamel Jones
Carl Sarfi
Henry David
New comment Oct 5
  • 2 likes • Oct 5
    I can see myself in your same position, not being able to price my services accordingly because I'm so new to this. I too am a people-pleaser. I've already been telling myself that I might charge less for my first few clients to get the W and a case study or review. Then I will raise my price when I have a little experience and backing from case studies.
Best Niches
I am really struggling with choosing a niche. I know there is no right or wrong answer and there are many good ones, but I believe some make it significantly easier than others to find success when beginning in SMMA. Could you recommend me what you think are the best niches currently to find success as a beginner? Thank you so much!
Marlon Phillips
George Mac
Suzanna Kiraly
Carl Sarfi
Luis Del Rosario
New comment Oct 1
  • 1 like • Sep 29
    @Shelby DuBois how did you pick the companies to work with at first or did you literally just call each one down the line until one said yes?
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Shamel Jones
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Excited to get started with GHL. No formal sales or marketing experience, but I'm all for relationship-building in business.

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