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Our Huge Thank You! (plus a gift💥)
Welcome to our Skool Database Reactivation Community!
This transition marked an intentional shift we're making toward focusing on people who are paying attention, ready to implement, and can use our help to do more good for local businesses out there.
To reward you guys we just made a big (and very new) decision: make a free group that’s as good as other people’s paid groups! All we ask in return is that you help promote this community and spread the word about this community and the power of Database Reactivation™.
Our goal is to remain the #1 Database Reactivation community, and eventually the top HighLevel Community for producing results . But we can't do that alone! Soon we'll ask you to share, post, tweet, tic and/or toc and help us grow, and as the word spreads our team will continue to add resources/trainings/interviews/tools here for FREE to our valued members.
As always, thank you! (I also don't miss FB one single bit LOL)
If you'd like to become one of our paying affiliates (including as an upgrade to GHL's SaaS Pro), you get a couple awesome bonuses from us (this is on TOP of the free stuff for everyone).
These bonuses have real world value of over $10,000.
Bonuses include:
1) Our 61 niche-customized GHL snapshot library.
2) Our High Ticket CLIENT ACQUISITION system (CAS Funnel)
3) Priority Support from our 8 Figure team + community in a separate exclusive community.
If you’re not on GHL yet, here’s how to become our affiliate:
Step 1: Sign up for GHL here: If you're already on GHL, you can upgrade your plan as our affiliate for the same credit here:
Step 2: Email us at verifying the email you used to sign up
Step 3: Our team will send you the 1-click links to all your bonuses!
If you’re already using GHL but you're someone else’s affiliate, we want to include you too! Please send an email to and a member of our team will let you know how you can enroll on a month-to-month basis.
See you on the other side!
Mahalo, Robb & Team
Robb Bailey
Our Huge Thank You! (plus a gift💥)
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