Is it me or the offer?
Hey guys, would love to hear your thoughts....I just launched a campaign for a fitness facility with two locations, full access gym, 1-1s, group classes, etc..
We used the offer: {{contact.first_name}}, it's Ashley at {{}}. Today we're giving away a few 7-Day passes plus a 30min InBody scan would you like one? If you want us to stop, just say stop.
220 leads activated, 38 opt-outs, 0 opt-in.... ZERO? this never happened before.. usually, we get tons of appointments after launching or at least some positive replies. Is it the offer? should I take out the 30min in body scan? penny for your thoughts?
Day Two Update: okay guys thanks for the input! the vote is in so we're going to change the offer to:
{{contact.first_name}}, it's Chris at {{}}. Today, we're reaching out to some of our best clients for 2-weeks of unlimited personal training for free, are you up for it? 💪 ❤️
Since the facility offers 1-1 sessions, group classes, nutrition, AND full gym access I think we needed 'umph' in the offer. We're also going to increase the lead volume: batch 25 every 3 minutes then wait 1 hour then second batch again 25 every 3 minutes. I'll give you guys an update after! 🙏
Tania Rose Glavey
Is it me or the offer?
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