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quick question
I have a client in the UK and I'm a bit confused with the phone number registration. So, I don't need to register with A2P right? should I use a toll-free or just a local number?? Does anyone here have experience in doing DR for UK clients?
New comment Oct '23
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Yes we’ll definitely use a local number for that! Just making sure we’re not missing any registration process
DR For a 40 Day Fitness Challenge?? -Help!
Hi guys! Happy Thursday! A client is about to launch a DR for a 40-day lifestyle challenge. I'd love some feedback on creating an offer or maybe hear some thoughts if you've done this before using the DR framework. Here's the breakdown: a 42-day challenge that helps build healthier habits, they have meditation, fitness, nutrition, stress relief, etc. 1st prize is $1000, 2nd $250, 3rd is $125. The price point is at $499-599 What's the best way to position this offer? Here's what I have so far: Hi {{contact.first_name}}, it's Ashley at {{}}. This week, we have a few spaces open for our 42 day lifestyle challenge where you can wins $1,000, any interest? If you need to opt-out just let me know. Hey {{contact.first_name}}, Ashley here from {{}}. 🚀 We’re opening 20 spots this week for our 42-Day Lifestyle Challenge. Winner gets $1,000? 🔥 Are you interested in hearing how it works? If you need to opt-out just reply stop. Hi {{contact.first_name}}, it's Ashley at {{}}. I still have a couple of openings for our Moneyback Guarantee / Weight-Loss Challenge. Are you interested in hearing how it works? -Credit to George Moore Has anyone ever used the DR framework for the 40-day challenge? I know I should expect a lower opt-in and appointment booking rate because it's a paid offer instead of a free one. They'll have to come in for a consultation and get them set up. Any thoughts? @Haplin Milgrom-Hills
New comment Oct '23
4 likes • Sep '23
Hi @Haplin Milgrom-Hills thank you so much as always your input is packed with value.! That's what I was thinking too, with the show rate and cancellations it might be best to forward the clients who reply 'yes' to the sales team who can call them directly and take the payment over the phone maybe? We'll test the offer and see if we get any bites.
3 likes • Sep '23
@Haplin Milgrom-Hills will do!
Zappy vs capti
Hi guys, considering one of these options because one of my clients just want to us to manage all the leads full time. Right now we’re using a VA but it’s causing a few bottlenecks. Can anyone please share their experience? How does the DR work for both of these? Does zappy book appt automatically? What about the existing workflows we use? Do those text message still fire or do we just have to build a huge FAQ and it just picks it up? Then what about the follow up? 😵‍💫 Are there any other cost associated with setting those up? Like chat gpt api? I know the sms fees and subscription but what else is involved? How many tear will be shed trying to set these up? 😅🙏
New comment Aug '23
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@Ron Gibson thanks for the kind words are you using any of these apps or? What do you mean by case study?
2 likes • Aug '23
Thank you
help! appointment code for schedule confirmation campaign
All, need your help. Starting a trial currently for a location and doing appointment confirmation as a "DR" that the owner was comfortable with. Wrote out an automation, manually added appointment date and time to each contact, and then sent out texts pulling in the following: "Hi {{contact.first_name}}, it's Ashley with {{}}. You have an appointment on {{appointment.only_start_date}} at {{appointment.start_time}}. Can you please confirm you'll be there so we know not to give up your slot?" However, {{appointment.only_start_date}} and {{appointment.start_time}} aren't returning any data so the messages are going out blank! Can anyone tell me where I went wrong?
New comment Aug '23
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Hi 👋 just curious how come you’re not doing a regular DR? But doing appointments dr instead? Is this a fitness location or something else?
2 likes • Aug '23
😳 even for free? Wow I’d also change the verbiage to be more short. You could kill it with a dental dr i think the offer is like a free whitening then they’ll upgrade or something when you get them in the door.
First DR going live on Monday!
Getting setup over the weekend but after 3 weeks of pounding the pavement I got one location to agree to a free DR starting on Monday!
New comment Oct '23
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woo congrats!
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