Hiring a VA for Outbound?
Hey everyone, just putting this here to get some thoughts on automation
Hire a VA -> train to find 'niched' businesses that are running FB ads -> cold email with DR offer ->
+ daily reports by VA of emails sent - pay them per close of client - try and get them to target about 50- 100 of these per day and put everything (fb likes, name of business, website, phone number, email, city etc.) in a spreadsheet for overview purposes so no business is being retargeted
  1. and then upon response you get a list of contacts to call with all their information DFY by VA
  2. OR hire a closer to speak to that list and implement contact details upon them going ahead / sending payment options / etc.
SO all you do is import their contact lists, tweak / modify / upload their contact details into the system and there you go...
Haven't gone through the Client Acquisition System yet, so no comment as far as that goes
Any thoughts or experiences on operating like this?
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