Getting paid for leads - or sales?
What is a lead? Anyone you can talk to.
What is a qualified lead? Anyone you talk to who expresses a keen interest in your product.
What is a sale? Anyone who hands over money for your product.
I think I have that right.
What if I get my client 8 qualified leads and charge him appropriately per month based on what his product sells for. Whether its from a DBR or ads or referrals (anything via me).
Of those leads 5 buy, and 3 don't (but may do in the future, so add them to a nurture list). I assume this it a typical result.
So what do people do if the client is not happy with the 3 leads that didn't become customers?
Thinking it through I guess I could offer to get sales instead of leads, and just bump the price.
Ideas welcome 🙂
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