🔥 AI Updates Coming Tomorrow! 🔥
Team and i have been hard at work and finally got our AI trainings to a predictable enough level to share w y’all.
Other goodies coming down the pipe (all in addition to the existing promised goodies)
  • Elite is getting an upgrade (corresponding $ increase for NEW MEMBERS ONLY, existing members grandfathered in)
  • SYSTEMpreneur™️ is getting an upgrade (a few seats opening next week)
  • AI tools vetted and demo’d for every phase of your agency: prospecting, booking, selling, presenting, building, fulfilling.
Folks are already making buku bucks here with all our free stuff, using these new AI tools will make it even easier to execute.
Can’t wait to see what y’all do with it!
Robb Bailey
🔥 AI Updates Coming Tomorrow! 🔥
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