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Welcome to Skool!
This website is an opportunity to build a community of likeminded people, who are working towards their weight loss goals. Hopefully we can support and lift each other up, sharing our wins, our struggles and offering support. Get involved and check out the Classroom section where i'll be updating section of my course. There will be 45 sections to the course in total once they're all uploaded, so take your time, and enjoy the process of dieting!
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The End πŸ‘€
Unfortunately this community is coming to a close. In my life right now I've slowly backed off of online coaching, and I'm pivoting into becoming a YouTube consultant. I'll reveal my channel soon, but for now, I'm closing this community (costs $99 a month to run a community), and I'll be focusing on my YouTube community. If you're interested in growing on YouTube then check out YouTube Launch This community will remain dormant, unsure if you'll be able to access the course material. I can send you unlisted YouTube videos if you need any of the sections. For now, either see you on my socials, or in my YouTube community. I wish you all the best on your weight loss efforts. As a final note, I still will offer online coaching, I'm just not investing the time to advertise it or chase up on people who may want it, if you would like 1-on-1 coaching, you know where I am ❀️
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Chilli con carne 😍
My favorite meal prep by far, just takes a while to prepare with cutting onions, garlic, Carrots etc. But defo worth a shot if you fancy some cooking. Always keeps me full for hours on little calories for how much food there is.
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Chilli con carne 😍
Catching yourself when slipping...
So I've lost about 15lb since January, mostly by counting calories and holding myself accountable. It's not an easy journey but it's worth it. March hit and I've gained 4lb/5lb... I think it's important to realise you can't be perfect all the time, it's natural to go off track sometimes but it's important to catch yourself and be aware of it. I've caught myself now before it is "too late" and I gain a lot more... but it could be worse. Am I going to say "This sucks, I'm a failure I've gained weight..." no, I've lost 10-11lb overall and will get back on the wagon. Life's always gonna get in the way, but you gotta make changes and push through the mess ups and continue pushing forward, before you know it you'll be smashing your goals! TL;DR: Try catch yourself when you're slipping and hold yourself accountable, no one is perfect and sometimes just being "good enough" is what is important.
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Happy Easter!
Hope everyone has a happy Easter, and treats themselves to an egg! It's important to have breaks within your diet to enjoy yourself. One day of a few extra calories isn't going to hurt in the long-run. Hope to see you guys on the call Tuesday, will be talking about the effects of dopamine with productivity and motivation, and more!
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