Workshop Innovation or Fail

Hello guys, we recently conducted a retrospection workshop to gather feedback, and - all in the process of carrying out a business audit for a Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria. And I had the most interesting experience!

Without whiteboards or flip charts, post-it notes, or Sharpies; we had to improvise everything.

We explained the rules of the Sailboat exercise to the staff and it seemed like everyone was on board. Gave them 8 minutes each on the 'What they thought was moving the business forward and what, in their opinion, was holding the establishment back.

Folks just went right ahead and wrote everything down. So, when I asked for the notes on 'Moving forward' they just handed me both 'the Moving Forwards and Anchors' on one sheet.

I lost the real fun part of the exercise, but we pretty much got their opinions in 10 minutes total.

Anyone ever had a similar experience with a bunch of know-it-alls 🤣


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