Thoughts on recording live sessions (do you charge extra $$)
Hey FC community,
For those who deliver more content-focused sessions*, how do you respond to clients asking to record the sessions for anyone to view it after?
To me, it's definitely added value for the client, so I prefer to add a recording fee.
I've been doing 10-20% extra depending on the ask, but I still feel uncertain of the right way to approach this.
One thing I know is that almost nobody at these big companies will actually watch the recording (lol) so it doesn't matter *that much* but it certainly gives the client an asset that they could theoretically use again and again, so it seems like there should be a price tag attached.
Curious to hear!
*For a pure facilitated workshop, I'd be less concerned about charging as only a small number of people would probably want to watch that session after. But when it's a lecture/class/keynote it feels different...correct me if I'm wrong!
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