Story Writing as the launchpad for a workshop
Something that I enjoy doing, and perhaps uniquely so, is story writing. Possibly born from Safe 4.0 training as a way for me to communicate process in a way that resonated between the doers (who want to write “gimme a button there” and get their bonus by doing 100s of those) and the dreamers (who want to conquer the ever changing landscape of their industry faster than everyone else).
Listening to the free call today (Thanks Tim!) i am taking the call to action to post my question about detailed story writing of the format:
AS a [role]
I want/need/should have [a thing built]
SO THAT I CAN [complete a goal]
WHICH WILL ALLOW US TO [manifest the dreamers dream]
The idea of the opening of the facilitation I am selling is to create alignment of roles, things, goals, and dreams by having the participants write stories in the morning that generate note and vote how might we discussions as calibration and communication with active listening as I guide them to and through their needs and wants and blockages.
Could have posted and may also in workshoper master and may also, but was going to ask “Does anyone else plan or use story writing as a tool in their design sprint work and what other exercises are good for galvanizing what comes out of that activity?”
Thanks in advance for the answers and as a fun example -> as a future successful workshopper I want to get feedback about my idea to use stories so that I can work on my business plan which will allow me to show up and advertise my one thing and get clients :)
Dan Blackman
Story Writing as the launchpad for a workshop
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