Retreat and new project
Hi guys I hope all of you are fine ☺️
I took some holidays and made a digital detox for 3 weeks and I’m back stronger 😁
I'm launching a side project : my own clothing brand for which everything will be sustainable and ecological, from design to delivery 👌🏼
What does sustainable clothing mean?
Clothes made from textiles grown without pesticides, chemical fertilisers or GMOs and using very little water.
The clothes will feature unique artistic designs, will be produced only on demand to avoid as much waste as possible and will be made from 100% recycled organic cotton.
Stay tuned, comment and send me a message if you want to know more 😉 also if you have experience in fashion or design I will be happy to have a chat with you 🙏🏻
Salah Bouchma
Retreat and new project
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