ChatGPT is your new co-facilitator PART 2
I have previously shared how to use chatGPT to prepare for a workshop (link in comments).
Now, I want to share how one might use it **during a workshop**.
Just open the pictures and scroll through them :))
Some conclusions:
โœ… ChatGPT as a co-facilitator you can resort to throughout the workshop.
โœ… Prepare the robot beforehand and give it context, so it can help you during breaks
โœ… Keep the chatGTP window open and have a two-way conversation, sharing back your own learnings along the way
โœ… I cannot wait to see the amazing abilities AI will continue to bring facilitators
How about you? What experiments have you been doing with AI and facilitation?
Joao Ribeiro
ChatGPT is your new co-facilitator PART 2
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