Hybrid sprint: presentation, info sharing and workshop structures
Hi everyone,
I posted a few days ago regarding Innovation workshops for AI (https://www.skool.com/facilitatorclub/innovation-workshop-for-ai-implementation?p=2a9ae5d2) and wanted to ask a related, but more general question...
How does a facilitator work with incorporating presentations and pre-work into their sprints/workshops?
The workshop I'm trying to build will include:
  • introducing the day's activities
  • general "education" about a specific topic (in this case AI/ML cases relevant to our client)
  • presenting existing solutions
  • then going into the "workshop" element of the session
I'm curious if anyone starts their sprints with a powerpoint presentation, or similar, when you are talking to company or team that does not necessarily have the domain expertise about the solution we want their input on designing.
Our client is also quite "traditional" so I have to find a good balance for them to see the benefit of a modern style of workshop and keep them engaged in order to gather their domain expertise that will in turn help us work together to design the best solution.
Any insight on good methods/techniques of how to do this is much appreciated !
David Richardson
Hybrid sprint: presentation, info sharing and workshop structures
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