Greetings from Denmark to this vibrant community,
I'm delighted to finally introduce myself to this wonderful community. I've been a member since May but have been quite occupied with facilitating workshops. Thanks to this platform, I've already gathered invaluable insights on methods and tools that have enhanced my practice.
As a public servant in a Danish government agency, I'm dedicated to fostering collaboration and innovation. I achieve this through workshops and design sprints that bring colleagues together for impactful sessions.
Mentoring and guiding younger colleagues in developing their facilitation skills is a personal passion. Watching them grow and learn is truly rewarding.
I share this community's commitment to meaningful work, and I'm eager to continue learning from all of you. If any fellow Danes are here, please connect. I've translated workshop materials from English to Danish and I am happy to share.
Thank you, and I really hope I can find the time to engage with this incredible global network of facilitators.
Warm regards,
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