Follow up on the first workshop ever made !

So- thank you all for the feedback on my previous post regarding ideas for my first workshop! 🙏🏻 so much appreciation from this !

Well, tonight- I had my first one ever made, since graduating from my innovation and entrepreneurship education - and wow- what an experience, with so much to learn from ❤️

My heart is bubbling of joy and pride !

I used the framework- with minor alterations from the workshop let’s playbook, such as the data collection was initiated 14 days prior the workshop- and I joined some Of the tasks to one, due to time 🙈

But- all in all, such a great experience- loads of leaning going forward- and a lot of good input/feedback from the group - and resulted in 2 very valuable and critical working commitments!

So thank you all for contributing and helping me to getting the strength and confidence to do so- and not being a complete nervous wreck, but noticing my improvement issues during the workshop- but improvising and pulling through ! ❤️❤️

This community is just absolutely amazing and awesome- and I already shared and praised it to loads of other innovative kindred spirits ❤️❤️

Wishes of a great evening and keep up the awesomeness- to improve the world, one step at a time 😎🥳🙏🏻🥰


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