Beta Testers for Meeting Management Software
Hello Meeting Enthusiasts,
we are looking for some brave souls who want to become Beta Testers and shape ZipDo with us!
We coined the term "Meeting Operating System" describing ZipDo. Sounds fancy, but the intent of our software is quite simple: Turning team meetings and 1:1s into a repeatable, consistent process.
In an earlier life we have seen over and over how bad meeting are run across all management levels and how they lack the basics of a productive meeting culture.
Therefore we created an app which allows managers and their teams to prepare meeting agendas collaboratively, keep track of decisions made during meetings and ensure everyone鈥檚 commitment with action items afterwards.
Our MVP will be ready within the next days and we would be really grateful for some feedback from meeting pros, like you guys.
You can sign up for the waitlist at or contact me via
Let me know if you have any questions!
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