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Joined May 31, 2023
Hey, I'm Julia. I'm based in Berlin, I run workshops as a UX Designer and I'm looking forward to do more and start freelancing.
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Joined Mar 5, 2023
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Joined Feb 24, 2023
Gold Coast, Australia
Digital transformation & change advisor helping companies and teams transform faster. Strategic facilitator & workshopper.
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Joined Jan 19, 2023
Belfast, Northern Ireland
I'm a top 1% facilitator! (soon). I live outside Edinburgh with my wife, 2 kids and a dog. I'm into triathlon and enjoy a good podcast.
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Joined Jan 18, 2023
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Joined Feb 9, 2023
Freelance consultant and public speaking coach. Swedish, living in Stockholm, with Canadian husband. Mother of two riddiculously cute energy vampires.
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Joined Feb 23, 2023
Stockholm, Sweden
Educational Services, Content Partnerships & Video Aggregator for foreign partners, while based in Japan. #YourGatewayToJapan
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Joined Apr 29, 2023
Fujisawa, JAPAN
Facilitator and large scale participatory events enthusiast. Previously also agile coach, addressing harassment, trainers' training, and youthwork.
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Joined Mar 12, 2023
I'm a trained chef, graphic designer, copy writer, boat builder and furniture maker, always hungry, always curious.
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Joined Jan 29, 2023
Berlin, Germany
Workshops facilitator & public speaking coaching | TEDx coach, Actor, UX designer | Sustainability, Gender, Inclusivity |
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Joined Feb 23, 2023
Lausanne, Switzerland
Trainer | Facilitator | Experience Designer · Turning Strangers into Deeply Connected Teams 🙌
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Joined Jan 17, 2023
Heilbronn, Germany 🇩🇪
Arfandi is a UX Designer based off Singapore.
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Joined May 29, 2023
Sneaking humanity into the business world through OKR and team coaching :) #coaching #beingagileversusdoingagile #okrs #coffeeenthusiast
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Joined Jan 18, 2023
Munich, Germany
was a workshop facilitator, Currently Phd candidate with focus on workshops!
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Joined Apr 5, 2023
IG: (36k+ followers) My online course - "Facilitation & Communication for UX/Product designers".
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Joined Mar 20, 2023
Warsaw, Poland
Kia ora, I'm a tourism marketing strategist based in Taupo, New Zealand. I help owner operators with strategy, sales & marketing
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Joined Apr 29, 2023
Digital marketer, working for a Belgian insurance company, trying to break the habit of boring/useless/non-collaborative meetings.
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Joined Jan 20, 2023
Design WS and Facilitate them.
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Joined Jan 26, 2023
Interested in Behavioral Science, Context Architecture and great facilitation!
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Joined May 15, 2023
I help teams get things done, find their strategy, and improve their team collaboration and team dynamics. Love gamification!
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Joined Jan 17, 2023
Hi I´m Joachim, my profession is to help teams improving and growing. I´m based in the nicest city in Germany ,Munich. Happy to be here!
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Joined May 6, 2023
I am innovation and entrepreneurship consult. I am passionate about helping businesses and Startups to develop solutions for real customers' needs.
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Joined Apr 4, 2023
Future Green Global | B Corp | Food Systems Transformation | Sustainable Food | Futures Tools
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Joined Feb 25, 2023
Hong Kong
Head of Capgemini Design Studio | Product & Service Strategist | Stand-up Comedy
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Joined Jan 25, 2023
I work in a process team, which has just been created and I'm trained in LeanSixSigma problem solving.
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Joined May 31, 2023
Hi, I’m a business storytelling coach. I help people & teams gently overcome their blockers and become tremendous storytellers.
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Joined Jan 17, 2023
Berlin, Germany
🇧🇷 born🇬🇧 based🌍 citizen ❤️People’s person To unleash human potential and empower teams to do more valuable work, faster is my superpower🦸🏻‍♀️
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Joined Jan 27, 2023
Innovation facilitator from beautiful, diverse Cape Town. Past: Industrial designer. Present: Confident facilitator! Anxious entrepreneur... 👀
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Joined Jan 24, 2023
Cape Town, South Africa
Together we find new solutions | service design | user experience | design thinking | usability | always curious
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Joined May 19, 2023
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