Mental health got me

I've just spent 2+ weeks with my computer completely shut (and longer than that before that with it only partly open) and I'm starting to come back slowly. I spent the past 2 weeks completely away from business. I went thrifting every day. Started a second hobby Tiktok to document it all. Pressure free. Just for the joy and connection and creativity. I allowed myself space and time to do whatever I needed to do to look after myself.

In my past business model I would never have been able to do that. I was controlled by deadlines and launches and 'showing up' and promises.

As you're creating your offers, can I recommend 1 or 2 things.

  1. Build your offer delivery in ways that give you this flexibility to take unplanned time off if you need. Evergreen really is your best friend for this. Listen to everything Mariah says around this.
  2. Create a really strong plan that is actionable by someone other than you, should you need to take immediate time off for any reason. Something that makes sure everything that needs to get taken care of, all your promises etc are sorted and you have the ability to close the computer and look after yourself.

It often doesn't feels like a top priority until you need it. And that's when it's too late and you have to push through it all yourself when you have the least ability to and you risk burnout or worse.

The value of being able to step away from business when you need is unmatched to anything else. It is a bigger priority than sales IMO.

When you hear people talking about evergreen and selling on autopilot etc... and if you ever question the ethics of it, remember to consider how whether it's ethical to push yourself to the point of burning out/ mental health issues/stress etc to do what you do.

Is it ethical to push through selling in other ways when you are physically and mentally destroying yourself doing so? No. Give yourself the permission to look after yourself by prioritising business models that allow you to sustainably sell. I can't tell you how grateful I am that I was able to step away for the past while without my clients being impacted negatively.



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