Nov '23 (edited) in 31 P's
What should you name your main program/product?
A good program name is very important for sales but it's often hard to come up with a good one!
Before ChatGPT came along, this used to be terribly difficult to brainstorm 100 names before choosing 1 good one... now it's a lot easier!
So I strongly suggest using ChatGPT to help you come up with name ideas.
You can use this prompt:
I need some awesome name ideas for my new online coaching program.
I help <your niche here> with achieving <end outcome/dream desire you help people achieve> and overcoming <main problem your niche has>.
Please keep my program name between 2-3 words.
Here are 5 examples of coaching program names I like:
Please make it short and sweet and similar to the examples above.
Give me a list of 10 names to choose from.
/End prompt.
After you get the results, if you don't like the style, just tell it to give you more examples & describe a style you want or a word you want to include.
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