Hey folks! Brand new here. So, here’s my intro:
What's your nickname? I have a few. Some are polite, others not so much. I prefer my official title of “Benevolent overlord of the intergalactic council of inconvenient things - every other Tuesday subdivision.” We’ve made some real progress in making sure that, across the 5 galaxy conglomerate, no less than 13 billion lukewarm coffees have spilled on white pants (or skirts) on public transportation before early Tuesday morning meetings. That was us and we’re well on track for the Most Inconvenient Things Ever award from the council. Although, there has been some confusion, since there are, obviously, two every-other-Tuesday divisions and they’ve tried to lay claim to some of our work - we get a not-entirely-surprising amount of confused email traffic. Although, there has been some significant work done by the third-Wednesday of the month division with scarab beetles getting stuck in wigs during the first moments of first dates. That’s our only real competition - they beat us on creativity, but certainly not quantity!
When I’m not attending to those duties, most folks just call me Shawn.
Where you from? Born and raised in New Hampshire, USA, but transplanted to New Jersey, USA.
Biggest strength? I’m really good at finding that one thing that no one wants to do, but clearly it needs to get done, and find an efficient way of doing it.
Biggest weakness? I have too many good ideas that all look like a tremendous amount of fun and very profitable, and so none of them ever get started.
Which content platform is your favourite? Skool, by a mile. I’ve used some others and there fine, but Skool seems the most user-friendly.
What do you want immediate help with inside of this community? Do you remember when Don Rumsfeld made that famous “unknown unknowns” quote? I’m sort of there right now. I know I need to be going in this general direction, but I’m not sure specifics, or how quickly. Mostly I’m just hoping to get some ideas going and finally get traction.
Shawn Helgerson
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