If You Don’t Risk Anything You Risk Everything
I was listening to one of my mentors Rob Moore from the UK and he uses this as his strap line and at first I was thinking nice strap line it really flows.
But then I sat back and thought he’s right if we just sit and watch from the sidelines nothing is going to change.
We might spend money on courses and training but until
we commit ourselves to actually implementing what we learn knowledge is pretty much wasted.
But until we take that plunge send that email, make that call, pay for that appointment setter or designer we don’t achieve anything.
So if you were to start from day one of your business journey what would be the biggest risk you’d take now that you didn’t take then?
Mine would be is to keep on going in one direction and exhaust that before moving on.
I look back on the number of times I have been tempted and changed direction because in my head there has been that little voice saying “what if this doesn’t work let’s set up a plan B”
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Graham Waite
If You Don’t Risk Anything You Risk Everything
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