My Current Descript Workflow for Creating Podcast Clips With Highlights
This has been working pretty well for me...and helping me make 30-65 clips from each 1 hour podcast I do (currently I don't have a team).
I go through and edit each podcast episode in Descript - as I'm editing, I pay attention to segments I think would make good short form clips, and I highlight them as I go.
It's helpful to use alternating colors for each highlight, so the next step is easier.
Then when finished editing, I use the "copy all highlights" feature and paste them into a new composition.
That composition is then just made up of all my highlights (aka my clips). - I call it "All Clips"
From there - I open up the "all clips" composition -- switch over to vertical Aspect ratio, highlight each clip and create a new composition with them.
For now, I create unique compositions for each clip.
I'm thinking of testing using "Markers" in the All Clips composition so I can name them all in one place and then just export them all in one movement by exporting "by markers".
But I haven't tested that yet.
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