Kontent Engine™️ DB - for Ad Buying Workflow? Any Media Buyers?
Hi all,
Creative and copy are creative and copy - whether it's for social media's "free" newsfeeds or to upload to social media ad management platforms.
The only thing different is that the 1) cost structure is different and needs to be tracked2) the data collected is different (ROAS, CPL etc) 3) the technology used (example analytics tools, ad automation tools, ) is different - and all those data points need to be included in the Airtable DB.
I'd love to hear from MEDIA BUYERS leveraging Airtable + Integrations for automation, simplification and scale!
(minimal example of the kinds of things we can do connecting airtable w/ the APIs of the major social platforms.... don't necessarily need zaps if we can connect straight to the APIs - or am I missing something? COULD BE! ). Feedback welcome.
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