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😨 I Still Get Anxious When Recording Videos
I'm about to sit down and record a YouTube video.
I don't want to do it.
Maybe that's why I'm right here writing this post instead?
Maybe you want to record a video and instead you're reading this post.
Sometimes people tell me I make it look easy—recording videos.
And while I'm not terrified like I used by be (see screenshot of my first LinkedIn video), I feel all sorts of resistance, probably every time I do it.
I get anxious, I doubt my idea, it never fully goes away. At least not yet.
And guess what, sometimes I screw up, I have to re-record.
It often takes me more time than I want.
I hate that feeling, all that wasted time...
(though of course it's not truly wasted because I always learn something new in the process)
But regardless, it's hard, so naturally I come up with all sorts of distractions.
The best way I've been able to combat this is to try and make a quality video.
Sometimes I have to focus on a script (or at least an outline) and write it out.
I have to clarify all my thoughts, and I rework and synthesize my thoughts over and over to refine and articulate my thoughts into simple powerful ideas.
It's all about creating value, articulating powerful points in simple terms. The better you can reduce the learning curve for someone the better your videos will do.
That process while not always fun reduces the anxiety I feel because I know the video will be good. I can actually feel it inside my gut.
Sometimes people are trying to build all these complex systems that make things easy—but they never actually hit record.
Or it zaps the life from their videos.
That might sound counterintuitive coming from me giving the products I sell. But truthfully my systems work best automating good content. Not helping you avoid the creation process.
You can use ChatGPT but if you don't know what a good video is, if you don't know what a good script is, you won't be able to push back and modify the script to make it better.
So, don't be afraid to put in the time. The obstacle is the way.
I think a lot of people don't like their videos because they know they could be better.
They feel like an imposter because they are kind of being an imposter.
It's hard work to be good, the best, to make good videos.
So if you're the one who's been wanting to make some videos, but are reading this instead.
Here's your sign.
Go make that video.
That's what I'm about to do.
Stephen G. Pope
😨 I Still Get Anxious When Recording Videos
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