How I got 6.5x faster at editing
You can literally hack your video editing speed.
It used to take me 3 hours to edit a high quality video, now it takes me 25 minutes.
Here's 5 plugins I use to do so:
(I cut and do sound design in Premiere and I edit in After Effects. All of these are After Effects plugins.)
  • Animation Composer (Paid): Animate layers and text without keyframes
  • AE Juice (Paid): Presets and stock video within after effects
  • KEase (Free): Automatically ease your keyframes and copy and paste easing. You can even save your custom eases in here. I use this for zooms.
  • AtomX (Paid): Presets, I mainly use this for transitions. (basically AE Juice, but higher quality.)
  • Motion Tools Pro (Free): Sequence your keyframes and quickly adjust your anchor point. Lots more but that's what I use it for.
Here's an example of a video I edited using these plugins:
Happy editing everyone πŸ™‚
Martin Nguyen
How I got 6.5x faster at editing
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