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How I got 6.5x faster at editing
You can literally hack your video editing speed. It used to take me 3 hours to edit a high quality video, now it takes me 25 minutes. Here's 5 plugins I use to do so: (I cut and do sound design in Premiere and I edit in After Effects. All of these are After Effects plugins.) - Animation Composer (Paid): Animate layers and text without keyframes - AE Juice (Paid): Presets and stock video within after effects - KEase (Free): Automatically ease your keyframes and copy and paste easing. You can even save your custom eases in here. I use this for zooms. - AtomX (Paid): Presets, I mainly use this for transitions. (basically AE Juice, but higher quality.) - Motion Tools Pro (Free): Sequence your keyframes and quickly adjust your anchor point. Lots more but that's what I use it for. Here's an example of a video I edited using these plugins: Happy editing everyone 🙂
Andreas Hasel
Stephen G. Pope
Paul Cowen
Bronson Wilson
Sean Mize
New comment Sep 28
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@Jeffrey Buoncristiano wait what? 🤯 I use descript but only for captions, please explain the broll and rough cuts
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@Jeffrey Buoncristiano thanks for sending this, I would love to hear your thoughts on editing and the business side of things if you’re open to that. I’ve only been editing for a year and doing motion graphics for two. I’ll shoot you a message!
How I Grew 10k Subscribers in a Month For a Client
Step 1- Start prioritizing short-form content & platforms (E.G. YouTube Shorts, Tiktok, Snapchat, Reels, and even Facebook) . . . Step 2- Direct all the traffic in the links in your bios on your short platforms to your YouTube channel. This is important because the goal is to build a strong following and the easiest way to do that is with longer-form content. Why? a) People can see more of your personality without being too scripted and connect with you on a real level. b) You get way more money with YouTube ad sense when people watch your longer content c) You can go in-depth into concepts and ideas unlike short-form where the value you provide is limited . . . Step 3- Collaborations - To maximize the traffic coming into your YouTube channel you want to find other social accounts that have a similar audience to you that also post similar content. Reach out to them and ask them to do a collaboration post. Here's the secret to successful collaborations. You actually want to collaborate with creators that have a smaller audience than you. Why? When their fan base sees your page they will automatically compare who they are originally following with your page. Once they see you have more followers social proof kicks in and you convert a much higher percentage than if you collaborate with someone that has a bigger audience.
Robert Thibodeau
Yechiel Cohen
Stephen G. Pope
Sean Mize
Paul Cowen
New comment Sep 21
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Awesome insights Yechiel, how many short form videos were you posting a day/week?
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