Give free marketing a try you might be surprised how much opportunity there is out there
Are you missing hidden opportunities to get FREE or low-cost marketing?
I find that business owners always assume that they will need to pay to advertise everywhere but often some of the best opportunities are actually available for FREE or potentially you could even get paid for them.
Trade journals, publications, and local newspapers are all looking to fill space so if you have something interesting to put in there, that could be a hidden opportunity for you, something you could use to increase the awareness of your name, brand, product, or service.
As creators this is especially true don鈥檛 ignore the offline world there are many opportunities there a fewer people exploring them.
This of course applies also to online sources as well such as blogs, news websites, and even those sites that curate content in your industry.
Also things like being a podcast guest can be a massive boost to your reputation and brand on a local and national level.
Provided you can deliver value without an obvious sales pitch all of these sources can be great places to improve your visibility, reach new audiences, and also greatly boost your reputation as an expert.
My good friend @Sean Mize is the seen as the leading expert at writing great articles online.
He built his success on being the top contributor to Ezine articles. This enabled him to become a leading light in the online community over many years.
So on a local level you could become the expert in your field relatively easily.Why not look at more areas for your content you might be pleasantly surprised how sought after it becomes.
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Graham Waite
Give free marketing a try you might be surprised how much opportunity there is out there
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