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Automate Text, Image & Video Content To Social Media
Note: Get all the templates for this video in the No-Code Architects Community. Lock in $70/month for life. Price goes up at 150 members. https://www.skool.com/no-code-architects
In this video I show you how to build out a 100% automated sales generating content machine.
We'll use Slack to record audio notes that we convert into text, images and video content.
Then we'll automatically schedule and post that content to social media.
And if you want to review the content before you publish we'll show you how to store, review and approved the content before it's posted.
If you'd like all the resources to install this whole system in a couple minutes checkout the No-Code Architects
P.S. I did attach the JSON2Video Payload that you'll need if you plan to this yourself watching the video. It'll help when you get to that step ๐Ÿ™
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Automate Text, Image & Video Content To Social Media
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