๐Ÿ’ฐ $48,000 Reasons NOT to Build A Website (& Use Skool Instead)
You might be like meโ€”having wasted countless hours building, tweak and updating your website... only get to get very little results from it.
Even if you have someone build it for you, it wastes a lot of time.
Infact, it might have actually cost you business leaving customers confused.
Websites might make sense at a certain point, but even then it should likely just be a simple page to direct people to high value assets, like a community (your Skool community). Or maybe an existing funnel.
When I stopped messing with my website and started a community it help a lot. Both in terms of revenue and just giving me more time to market my services.
Without marketing much at all my community helped me generate $48K in just 18 days (without sales calls).
I break it all down in this quick video.
I talk a lot about the modern buyer's journey to illustrate the point.
Check the video out here โ†’ https://youtu.be/To-fkhLFx5I
Stephen G. Pope
๐Ÿ’ฐ $48,000 Reasons NOT to Build A Website (& Use Skool Instead)
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