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The Boys Are in the Zone! 💪
This place is really inspiring. You can feel the level of focus. And fun. Business is fun. I ❤️ Skool!
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He quit his job to become a full-time artist at 40 years old…
@Jed Dorsey founded Acrylic University, an online Skool that helps people reconnect with their dream of becoming an artist. In this episode, we talk about: - Having the courage to quit his job to pursue art - How getting featured in a TV show made him go viral - (At a time when he had no paintings to sell!) - The difference between a craftsman and a businessman - Spending 6-months recording his first course - (Only to re-do it after getting feedback from customers!) - Why he STOPS people from joining his Skool most of the year - And how teaching others makes him a better artist Check it out. Jed's Skool:
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Beginners Guide to Skool Meta Ads (3.5+ Hours)
In this free mini course I’ll show you how to run Meta ads profitably to your Skool community. This is how I’m currently generating leads for $2 & sales for ~$55 with a 2x+ ROAS. Here’s what I’ll show you: - The overall game plan & strategy - How to optimize your Skool about page for conversions - How to setup the Meta Business Manager - How to integrate your Skool community to Meta & CRM Hopefully this training will help you crush it with Meta Ads. Let me know if you have any questions below :))
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Members Map
A map of where members are from in the world would be really cool… my community is called “Referral Land” where realtors defeat objection goblins & market monsters. A map of where everyone is would be pretty handy!
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Day 5 of Starting a Community From Scratch
Here's what I did. I know it doesn't look like much now, but I'm sharing this so when people ask how I grew my group in the future, its already documented..
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