I used the discover tab to buy a high ticket program
When the discover tab launched I noticed a lot of people on the fence about it.
Weighing out the pros and cons like more potential for sales vs non fit characters joining.
A couple of days ago I was looking for some new knowledge and used the discover tab as my search engine.
I came across a couple of different interesting free groups and requested to join 4.
Then I logged off as I was unable to go through the content until I was accepted.
The next day, 2 courses had accepted me so I dug through them and even booked a free call with one of the creators of the group.
The group I didn't book a call with turned out to be not so interesting so now there's really just one group i'm digging through (not expecting to buy anything at this point).
Well I had the call and the fellow was very nice, he didn't even try to sell me anything.
That made me even more curious.
continuing to dig I came across a great video explaining all of the things to do to achieve success in the niche I was learning about (a well positioned VSL).
I bought it on the spot.
I am a huge candidate for discovery tab learning as it's made accessing condensed information so much easier.
Benny D
I used the discover tab to buy a high ticket program
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