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How 63 Hours of Boring Work Can Get You 1M+ Subs on YouTube
Context: I built my YouTube channel in the coding/programming niche to 1m+ subs and did $5m+ with an education channel (Clever Programmer).
I wrote this to primarily share with my friends in a small group but thought it was valuable, got 's permission to post it, so here it is. Hope it brings you value.
I was just going through and reviewing some of my best performing content and I realized something fascinating.
Out of the 800 videos on my channel... Only about 20-30 of them helped me get around 1m+ subscribers.
I kept studying those videos and seeing how those videos got me millions of views, subs, and thousands of leads for my business.
These videos that drive crazy results I call them "bangers".
If you study most top channels, 90% of their subs come from the 10% of the bangers.
So here are some interesting insights from just one of those videos (i put the picture below).
This video got almost ~400,000 views. Drove 7.6k+ subs. Got me nearly 10k+ leads. Resulted in nearly $100,000+ revenue.
But the really fascinating part is exactly how much WORK it took me to make one of these videos.
and luckily I discovered that when I worked on this video back in July 2022, I kept records and logged every single hour I put into this video (whether I was prepping vs. shooting the content, how many hours each day, etc).
I basically logged all my activity and looking at it now... It's like an absolute gold mine.
Here's what I found in terms of the work I put into this...
[picture with the work graph below]
Total time: 63 hours
Days: 11
It took me 40 hours of preparation in total and 23 hours total to shoot.
Preparation: 63%
Shooting: 36%
I blocked off everything on my calendar during that time. I did nothing else but focus singularly on this course.
Even with that said… Notice how the average day was 5 hours.
There were a few days where there was MINIMAL work I was doing. I even took a day fully off to rest & recover.
This is not a brutal schedule by any means. This is completely doable.
In fact, I could've gone even harder.
The MAIN thing I did is just SINGULARITY of focus.
I laser pointed all of my efforts into this one tutorial. Killed all meetings. Everything off my calendar.
No sales calls, no meetings with the team, nothing.
When you think of it like that… That all it takes is 63 hours to make something incredible.
You can repeat that 2 times per month at the very least.
Imagine putting 63 hours of focus into 2 videos per month.
Yes… It will take EVERYTHING you have.
It will require insane discipline (you have to block out everything else and just do this singularly).
But think of the results…
What if that video takes off.
One great video can often outperform 100s or even 1000's of videos.
Imagine if every month, all you did was make 2 videos.
Each video bringing you 7,000 subscribers.
You'd have 168,000 subscribers in your first year.
You'd get 5M views.
Your email list would be around 50,000+.
If you sold a product for $300,
Assuming a 1% conversion rate, you'd make around $150,000 per launch (500 sales). Do that 4 times in a year… That's $600k.
If you upsold 10% of those people to a $5k high ticket offer…
That's 50 people joining your high ticket per launch.
That's $250,000 additional per launch or an additional $1m/yr.
Course sales + high ticket = $1.6M.
That's just year 1.
But stop focusing on the money.
Focus on this instead [the 63 hours of work image. Look at it again].
Only look at this.
Stop thinking about the views.
The money.
The results.
This is where you NEED to actually start.
The price is 126 hours per month into YouTube.
That's 31 hrs/week
that's 4 hrs/day.
Just 4 hours a day can change your entire life.
Think in 10 years where you can be if you did this.
You'd have a brand with at least over 1,000,000+ subscribers.
You can pivot into any industry and make it work because you have an audience.
AI or crypto or recession or anything else can't break you. Because personal brand makes you unbreakable.
Think Alex Hormozi, Logan Paul, Andrew Tate, Kim Kardashian.
Just 4 hours a day.
The work, works.
P.S. - and always remember… You're 1 video away.
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