Free Group Funnels Work!
Hey team,
Yesterday, we launched our FREE Skool group to our email list/social media... and within 24-hours we got over 295+ NEW members to join, PLUS we've already booked 3 calls with members who are interested in joining our Ad Men Mastermind!
For context, our group is for Coaches, Course Creators, and Agency Owners who want to learn how to scale with YouTube Ads.
We gave away our entire YouTube Ads creative process as a "lead magnet" to join, along with 3 BONUS YouTube Ads audit calls (previously recorded from old clients).
So far, members are loving it! (see the pic below from Jerry)
We're using the age old:
"Demonstrate you can help people by actually helping them..." trick lol ;) - credit to Frank Kern
Anyways, hope this inspires you to launch your free group and start building your community!
Cheers 🥂
P.S. shoutout to and the Skool team for making this superior product, and to for his free Skool group training.
Brian Moncada
Free Group Funnels Work!
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