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Introducing Skool Kompanion - A Free Mobile App for Skool
Hey everyone, Introducing Skool Kompanion - A Free Mobile App for Skool I’ve made a number of tools for Skool over the past few months such as Skool Directory or the Members Export Plugin. I believe in Skool the product and ecosystem, and am excited to see it grow. As with directory, this project was inspired by seeing numerous requests about a Mobile App. In response I’ve gone ahead and created Skool Kompanion. Skool Kompanion is a simple mobile app that allows you to access Skool as you would from a browser. It also gives you access to real-time push notifications for posts and comments at the tip of your fingers. Over the course of the last couple of weeks — I have found myself more engaged with Skool due to the way notifications keep me looped in. I think this mobile app with notifications will lead to higher engagement within your groups. I encourage everyone to try it for some time, and see how much of a difference it makes. I think it will be an essential tool in order to stay engaged and connected with your groups. At this time Skool Kompanion does not support Android, and notifications do not support chat. These are things I may look at in the future depending on support and feedback. So please try it, and let me know if you have feedback.
Josh Gavin
Oli Reitmaier
Megan Smith
Anna Choi
Justin Garcia
New comment 15h ago
5 likes • Jan 10
@Kevin Lee Nice! My rule of thumb is unless you think you're gonna make considerable income from something, make it free. The world will pay you back over time
2 likes • Jan 10
@Kevin Lee Happy to support
FREE SKOOL Communities
If you have a free group that anyone can join post your links here and tell us what your niche is.
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Dan Harrison
Ming Fung
Marc God
Diane Ziomek
New comment 1d ago
17 likes • Oct '22
We just crossed 3,000 members in my community. It's a free community that mainly helps Consultants grow on YouTube organic
9 likes • Oct '22
@Roman Pearl Looks like he made a landing page like normal, then just added a screenshot of his community as the background
Skool payments is LIVE! And it's cheaper than Stripe
Now you can charge money for membership to your community! Skool replaces your landing page, order form, merchant account, and everything else — it does everything, end-to-end, seamlessly. You add a price, share a link, get members, and make money. Watch the video to see how it works. Questions? Check out this Skool payments FAQ. Enjoy 🎉
Alex Shakhov
Tony Gonzalez
Frank Heininga
Benjamin Van Doorslaer
Sam Ovens
New comment 2d ago
20 likes • Aug 28
Huge congrats to the entire Skool team for shipping this game-changing feature
The NEW way to get points & level up in Skool
Currently there are only 3 ways to get points on Skool... 1) You can make posts in the community and hope to get likes on your posts. 2) You can comment on posts and hope to get likes on your comments. 3) You can reply to to comments and hope to get likes on your replies. But what if you're an introvert or lone wolf who doesn't want to make posts, comment, or reply? Or what if you're just mega focused on course work and feel the community is a distraction/waste of time? Or what if a community is 'dead' and doesn't give you the likes you deserve? Or what if you don't speak English that well and suck at interacting w other people in english? How can you get points, level up and access new course material or the bonuses then? You can't. Or at least, not very well. Because you're relying soley on other people's approval and validation for your progress. And that's an issue. Because most of my membership materials & bonuses get unlocked as you level up... and I've already had several members in my community reach out to me and tell me they want to level up but don't want to make posts, comment, or reply just to get points. + I'm part of a Skool group with only 15 members, only 5 of which are active, so it makes it incredibly hard to get points & level up. So what's the solution? What if you could also get points by watching course material? Call em "Progress Points" Or what if you could also get +1 point each week just by remaining a member? Call em "Member Loyalty Points" Or what if you could also get points by completing a quiz? Call em "Quiz Completion Points" These are just some ideas. Happy to hear yours below.
84 members have voted
Cody McDowell
Ryan Alexander
Stuart Clifford
Lendon Bracewell
Jason Biehl
New comment 3d ago
7 likes • Oct '22
I like this. We should reward action as well as interaction.
New features: Action posts + Pin post to module
Sometimes you want your members to take action. For example: Introduce yourself and share a photo of your workspace, or... Play this song on the guitar and share a video of you doing it. Simple actions make your community more interactive and fun. Remember the ice bucket challenge? Action posts — Describe the action you want your members to complete. When somebody comments, the action will be marked as complete. Pinning posts to modules — Now you can pin posts to course modules to make them more practical and interactive. For example: Your first module could be "Welcome! Start here" and give a quick overview of how things work with a call to action at the end to introduce themself and share a photo. You can pin any post to a module, it doesn't have to be an action post. You could pin posts relevant to the module, or a post with the title: "Module XYZ - Questions/discussion here" and use it as a comments section. Your turn: Complete this action by telling us what you think?
Complete action
Josh Gavin
Anthony Llanos
Raquel Hernandez
Christel Hughes
Tobin Jarrett
New comment 3d ago
4 likes • Jun 6
Black Friday Deal: Skool ($1,200) + Wetube ($9,800) + for $999
We've got a SICK Black Friday deal for you... - Skool 1-year subscription (usually $1,200) - Wetube self-study course (usually $9,800) - Total: $11,000 This Black Friday - get both for $999. That's $10,000 in real savings. A true 91% discount. Interested? Join the waitlist here to be notified the moment it goes live. 🔥🔥🔥
Andrew Kirby
Esteban Andrade
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Marcus Mokros
Jesse Clark
New comment 5d ago
9 likes • Nov '22
Self-study meaning just the course? Access to Q n A? Access to community?
4 likes • Nov '22
@Jesse Clark Waaaaaait... Just for new Skools? Comonnn...
Who wants a SICK Black Friday deal?
We're thinking of doing a sick Black Friday deal. The craziest Black Friday deal we've ever done. Interested? Give me a sick GIF in the comments below if you want a sick deal.
Shew Tanden
Regina Martinelli
Benjamin Nabers
Cepand Yegani
Aleks Fidurski
New comment 11d ago
2 likes • Nov '22
Freedom of speech
Someone in my community is asking if they set up a community on Skool, and you guys don't like what they post, will you ever ban a Skool? They believe in freedom of speech, and want to know that people can say what they truly think without fear of getting banned.
Roman Pearl
Griffin A. Hamilton
Julia Weber
Vladimir Druts
Tony D
New comment Oct 25
2 likes • Sep '22
@Roman Pearl I think they could see everything if they wanted. Not sure though
Don't make this mistake
A while ago, I optimised to grow the number of members in my community. This was a mistake. Quality of discussion dropped. The core members of my community left and started a group chat. The community started to suck. So now I'm rejecting 95%+ of people who apply to join the community. And focusing on quality again. The quality of your audience matters a lot more than the size of your audience Was prompted to share this when I saw the results of @Blake La Grange's poll.
Shivam Jha
Andrew Kirby
Brenda Dempsey
Earnie Boyd
Marc God
New comment Aug 25
4 likes • Jan 11
@Chris Bane It was a mindset that reflected in my actions. Putting the link to join in places I shouldn't be putting it. Accepting people I shouldn't
0 likes • Jan 11
@Roman Pearl Yes, then gut
New course: How to use Skool as a "Free Group Funnel"
@Andrew Kirby stopped by Skool HQ the other day to hang out. We talked about Skool for 6 hours. He's doing some interesting things with his free group "Synthesizer School". He basically funnels his audience (social, email list, etc.) to his free group + mini-course. He builds a relationship with his audience in the group, and occasionally promotes his paid course. It works! The funnel: Audience → to Community → to Customers. Anyway... I got Kirby to create a "Free Group Funnel" mini-course sharing his process. If you have any questions, comment below, and I'm sure Kirby will help. Enjoy!
Troy Scott
Andrew Kirby
Safia Matabaro
Lukas Mertens
Baz Zwaan
New comment Mar 30
1 like • Jan 9
@Ted Carr Unfortunately not
0 likes • Feb 8
@Ashley Wright Congrats!
Mini-challenge — Create a cool About page and win $1,000
Here's something fun we can do this week... 1. Create a cool About page for your community 2. Share a link to it in the comments below 3. The About page link with the most likes will win $1,000 cash 4. The About page link the Skool team likes the most will win $1,000 cash 5. A random About page link will win $1,000 cash This mini-challenge starts NOW. The winners will be decided on Friday, Sep 22 @ 4pm Pacific. Reminder: The Membership Challenge ($100k+ in prizes) starts in 7-days on September 25th. This is a fun way to prepare for the main event. 🎉🎉🎉
Mike Morales
Christina Westergaard Larsen
Sunny Sharma
Zahida A Khan
Aby Vohra
New comment Sep 26
20 likes • Sep 18
Here's mine: It's a community for YouTubers with 100,000+ subscribers. Who want to make $100,000/month.
The weird way I use Skool (I think it's pretty powerful)
Hey all. I've started using Skool as a front-end marketing group instead of a back-end product group. Is anyone else doing this? Attached is the model I'm using. The key differences to the model most in here use: - No ads - No direct outreach - No sales tactics - No content treadmill - Focus on audience building (specifically YouTube) - Focus on community - Using Skool as a marketing community, not product community I ran the new model past Sam and he said he liked it! I also asked for permission to post this here and he said yes. I think this new model is a game-changer for getting to $100k/m profit. I know it's quite difficult to get the full picture from the image, so if you need more info then just comment "Loom" and I'll send you a Loom fully explaining the model. Hope it helps.
Ted Carr
Cody McDowell
Jordan Sylvester
Vincent Stefan
Fabiana Mersan
New comment Sep 22
1 like • Oct '22
@Teresa Knipple Sent.
0 likes • Nov '22
@Miquelle Henderson Sent.
How to exploit Skool's new $100,000 challenge
If you're a beginner looking to start making money online, but don't want to risk spending your own $ in case it's unsuccessful... ... then here's how to ethically exploit Skool's new $100,000 challenge so that you can generate monthly recurring revenue with zero risk of losing/spending any of your own money. I'll give you some context, then give you the playbook. CONTEXT: - Skool's running a $100,000 challenge - They're giving away $100k of prizes to people who start a Skool community and use Skool payments to generate monthly recurring revenue - The challenge lasts 28 days - The big prizes are for the people who generate the most monthly recurring revenue or who get the most customers (nearly impossible to win if you're a beginner) - Skool has said "EVERYBODY who gets 10 paid members gets Skool merch + 3-months FREE Skool subscription" (winner winner chicken dinner) Here's the PLAYBOOK to generate Monthly Recurring Revenue with zero risk: 1. Use the first 14 days of the challenge to figure out what you're going to sell, and how you'll get customers 2. With less than 14 days of the challenge remaining, start your 14 day free trial 3. Set up Skool payments to charge $1/month for your community 4. Hustle to get 10 community members 5. If you don't, cancel your Skool free trial and don't pay a penny 6. If you succeed, you get another 3 months free Skool (and some free merch) 7. Use those 3 months free Skool to generate $99/month - $9,999/month 8. If you don't, cancel your Skool and you'll still have never paid a penny 9. If you succeed, now you're making more than the cost of Skool, so still never risk a penny 10. Continue to scale up to $10,000/month And if you run that playbook you'll be able to generate monthly recurring revenue without ever risking a single penny of your own money. If you've been watching to start an online business but never got round to it, now's the time to act. There's no better feeling than earning your first dollar online.
Fatos Morina
Christina Westergaard Larsen
Yhoam De La Rosa
Richard Doust
Britt Malka
New comment Sep 22
V3.3 — Introducing "Calendar"
Now you can add a shared calendar to your Skool so your members can see what's happening, when, in their local timezone. Members can add events to their personal calendars with a click. If your community does live Q&A calls or live events, this feature is perfect for you! Watch the video to see how it works. Enjoy!
Shrikant Patel
Konrad Schure
Gavin Ingham
Yvonne Heimann
Sam Ovens
New comment Sep 21
8 likes • Sep '21
Great feature Miss the "hey guys, it's Sam Ovens here"
Skool Copilot / GPT AI
It would be powerful if we could train a GPT like AI on our Classroom content. Have the AI watch for the posts made in our Community and comment on them with quality answers. Have it link to the Classroom lesson where it's pulling it's answer or answers so the clients can investigate further. Allow users to thumbs up / thumbs down the AI comments for further reinforcement learning. Think Github Copilot, ChatGPT, Notion AI, Jasper, etc.
Harry Whelchel
Andrew Kirby
Sam Ovens
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Luis Naranjo
New comment May 26
1 like • Feb 28
@Harry Whelchel Think it's pretty cool but I dunno
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