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I signed up 10 paying members via email this week, here's how I did it.
I have the email swipes below..and full outline is in the video but in short: I packaged up my skool community as a "June Accelerator" and made 10 sales. Before this I was signing up 1-2 people per week. Steps: 1. Posting 3 short-forms per day on Insta/YT/TikTok/FB at 9.30am, 5.30pm, 11.30pm (IST) targeting most morning time zones, scheduled using Metricool. 2. Every reel has same format (3 songs, with CTA put between song 2 & 3) using ManyChat thanks to @Andrew Kirby's post, this has been working really well, my Insta has gone from 400ish followers in Jan to 9.5k as of today). This reel got over 469k views. 3. Same lead magnet is each, a "101 songs list", very broad for guitarists 4. New email leads are put into my 5 email welcome series 5. On day 6, they receive a "somethings coming" email, teasing a launch of my "June Accelerator" with the opportunity to join my waitlist. [7 out of 10 buyers joined this waitlist before buying] 6. On day 7, they get a "for the first five only..." email, where I had a special offer of a 1-1 30 min call with me if they signed up that day 7. The main email launch sequence starts.. Day #1: Fast-Action Bonus email (free 30 min call for first 5 signups) Day #2: "top 9 questions" email Day #3: student story / testimonial email Day #4: meet student...(another student story) Day #5 (am): "this is what holds people back" email Day #5 (pm): "tomorrow is last day" (countdown timer in email with more urgency) Day #6: (morn) "last day" Day #6: (afternoon) "I recorded this video for you" - personal message with CTA Day #6: (evening) "last chance" email, final pitch 2 days after: a "what it something I said?" non-buyer survey goes out Here's the google doc for all the emails and non-buyer survey:
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I signed up 10 paying members via email this week, here's how I did it.
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Nice work!
Evelyn Weiss x Leila Hormozi Podcast
Am I the only one who needs to see this happen? We have to help @Evelyn Weiss get Leila on her podcast. If you've been watching Evelyn on YouTube, which you absolutely should, you'll notice that she started taking her podcast seriously. And I can't think of a better guest for Evelyn's podcast than Leila Hormozi herself! (PS: Evelyn herself told me that Leila is her absolute dream guest) Like this post if you agree.
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Evelyn Weiss x Leila Hormozi Podcast
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@David Ondrej She replied! ๐Ÿฅณ @Evelyn Weiss I'll direct message you with next steps!
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@Evelyn Weiss You're welcome. I think I know what the term 'fangirling' means now that I've seen it in action ๐Ÿ˜‰
Skool mascot? If no, VOTE Sage the owl!
So I was a West Warwick Wizard and a Florida State Seminole. I was wondering if skool had a mascot? If not, let me introduce you to: Sage the owl ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Backstory of Sage the Owl Origins In the heart of the ancient Skool Forest, a mystical place where knowledge and wisdom are nurtured, Sage the Owl was born. From a young age, Sage exhibited an insatiable curiosity and a natural talent for learning. The elders of the forest noticed Sage's exceptional abilities and took him under their wing, teaching him the secrets of the forest and the wisdom of the ages. Journey of Knowledge As Sage grew, he embarked on a journey across the lands, seeking out the greatest minds and the most profound knowledge. He traveled to the bustling cities of the human world, the tranquil monasteries in the mountains, and the vast libraries hidden in the depths of the earth. Everywhere he went, Sage absorbed the teachings of scholars, philosophers, and sages, always eager to learn and share his knowledge. The Calling of Skool One night, while meditating under the Great Knowledge Tree, Sage received a vision. He saw a community where people from all walks of life came together to learn, collaborate, and grow. This community was Skool, a place where education and collaboration were the cornerstones. Sage felt a deep connection to this vision and knew his purpose was to guide and inspire this community. Role in the Skool Community Sage returned to the Skool Forest and dedicated himself to the mission of Skool. He became a symbol of wisdom, collaboration, and education. As the mascot of Skool, Sage the Owl encourages members to share their knowledge, work together, and foster a supportive community. His presence reminds everyone that learning is a lifelong journey and that the greatest achievements come from collective effort. Sageโ€™s Legacy Sage's influence extends beyond just being a mascot. He organizes wisdom circles where members can discuss ideas, solve problems, and innovate together. He also mentors new members, helping them navigate the vast resources available within Skool. Sageโ€™s legacy is one of endless curiosity, unending generosity, and unwavering dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and the betterment of the community.
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Skool mascot? If no, VOTE Sage the owl!
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$108,000 in 1 month with Skool
Here's how I just hit a record month using Skool while travelling the world, without running ads, without a webinar, and without working more than 2 hours/day. 1. A ruthlessly simple system (which runs like a machine). System = Social Media Content + CTA --> Free Skool Community --> DM --> 15m Call --> 60m Call --> Client/Paid Skool Community. 2. A small team of A+ Players (who free up all my time & get things DONE). 1 VA 1 Appointment setter 1 Discovery call taker 2 Closers 3 (soon to be 4) Coaches (for the service delivery) + I'm currently training a content editor + distributor so I can generate more leads with consistent content output. 3. An offer too good for any human to reasonably say "no thanks" to (which turns nearly every conversation into a sale). "Business in a Weekend" has been our main offer and it's a HT, DWY/DFY service where we help beginners launch their online coaching business and get to 5-10k/month within 90 days. "VIP Weekend" is going to be our new offer, and it's a HT, DWY/DFY service where we help existing coaches scale to 50k/month within 90 days. If someone speaks with us and can't afford our HT, we take $49/m deposit and place them into our $49/month paid Skool community. With these 3 things (System, Team, Offer) in place, you soon get to a point where NOT making money becomes impossible. Money just comes to you whether you want it or not lol. If you'd like similar results, I'd suggest doing the following: 1. Create a free Skool community and fill it with amazing free course content. People will judge you based on your free stuff, so make it good. Try to get people results before they ever work with you. 2. Create a paid Skool community (charge $49/month for it) and offer 2-3 coaching calls per week in it + more awesome course content. 3. Post a ton of content on social media and in each post give away something for free that lives inside your free Skool community. 4. Once someone joins your free Skool community, DM them and see if they want to hop on a quick 10-15m free call with you where you can see if you can fast track their results. 5. If they sound like someone you can help, offer them a longer call to show them a more in depth game plan. 6. At the end of the longer call, offer to work with them inside your HT offer. 7. If they can't afford it, offer them your $49/m community. 8. Continue to study the GOAT'S in this Skool community. There are many people in this Skool community already making 100k+/month who you can learn from... I'm just one of them.
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$108,000 in 1 month with Skool
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@Yasmine Blommaerts Not currently possible. You can create a Google Doc or a note and then save the list for now
Awarding Gems
Hi amazing skool community. I stumbled over this post and wondered how to award gems. I appreciate your help ๐Ÿ™
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Awarding Gems
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@Anne Puybasset #bringbackgems
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