Custom Language Translation | Multilingualism
I love Skool.
My clients too.
The only thing we (really) miss is TRANSLATION!
I believe it's time for Skool to release text customization for the main parts of the platform. This way, admins could translate their own communities however they want.
An advantage of this first option would be the possibility of changing the main sections of Skool to something more similar to the community theme. For example, we could change "community" to "mastermind". Or "classroom" to "courses", "programs", "workshops" or something more suitable for each case (in our own language).
If this is too complex, something that would also work is the multilingual option for users (community members) to select. Or the same for admins to choose in their own group settings.
Either way, the platform would be perfect with language translation.
Do we have any predictions for this update? Is this on the roadmap?
Thanks in advance , and all the team!
— Viktor
P.S. For context, we have a copywriting program here in Brazil, and we only sell to Brazilians — who speak Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR).
The vast majority of them don't speak English and one of our main selling points is that they won't have to translate copywriting books on Google Translate (because everything we do inside the program is in our native language).
So, it's a little strange for them to use a platform in another language. Our current "workaround" is Google Chrome's automatic translation. But it's horrible and only works in the browser.
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