Using ChatGPT for the first time!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Welcome to all the new community members. It is exciting to see how fast our group is growing, and I love seeing all the diverse ways people use AI worldwide!

With that said, the most important message I want to convey today is simple. We all joined this group to learn more about ChatGPT, but I see so many questions being asked by newcomers to this industry, and they still need to FIRST ask ChatGPT. I cannot state this enough. This technology is so powerful, and we need to remember that we can ask it anything. Even if you are new and need to learn precisely how to compose your prompt, ask your question and see what happens. Learn by experimenting with your prompts. When I first started writing prompts, I knew nothing about it. I had not even taken @Jason West's course yet. It made me realize what a lazy communicator I was. We get lazy in how we speak, and when you are writing prompts for the AI, you must know they cannot read your mind. It would be best if you were very specific. Practice, Practice, Practice. There are many YT videos about prompt writing, and we all have access to the information Jason has shared with us. If you take this seriously and take the time to learn it, you will become a much better communicator for AI and the people around you. Plus, you won't be as frustrated!! 馃檪


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