My Custom GPT: GammaScout
Hey there!
Introducing GammaScout - your newest recruitment ally. GammaScout makes recruitment easier and more efficient for you, providing you with the tools you need to find the perfect candidate.
Here's an inside look at GammaScout's features:
  • CV Analysis: Just upload a CV and see how it effortlessly calculates a matching score against a job description.
  • Interview Prep: Ask it to generate position-specific interview questions, like for a software engineer.
  • Real-time Comparison: Offer a CV and job description for an immediate comparison and scoring.
  • Live Interview Assistance: Let it help you with relevant questions and observations during a live interview.
About GammaScout:
GammaScout is programmed to provide clear, efficient communication to streamline your recruitment process. It's designed to handle tasks such as analyzing CVs and job descriptions, interpreting personality assessments, and scoring the relevancy of a candidate's qualifications against job requirements, all packaged in a user-friendly, professional manner.
Cheers to all who have contributed to this brilliant ecosystem we are part of!
I always seek feedback to improve my GPTs continuously. My goal is to help entrepreneurs boost productivity and streamline daily business activities by 10x.
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